Also known as 'Peep This' in our past issues, this section is possibly one of our most popular, if not the most. Who doesn't love to look at photos eh? In this issue we bring you images from Celebrity Weddings in Nigeria by Senior Writer Lolu Kushimo; then we follow Femi Kuti and the Senegalese group Daara J in concert way out in Portland, Oregon; our resident artist Anneli Navi documents her first time out to Africa-Nigeria-Lagos by capturing some very riveting visuals that will make you travel back momentarily; We all love photos by our Ola Ope, so this time he documents the Halloween Parade tradition in Los Angeles; and finally how many members of NE can you spot celebrating the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend in So-Cal?
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Celeb Wedding Femi Kuti in Portland
JJC and the 419 Squad A Visit to Lagos
Halloween Parade in LA Thanksgiving in Southern California


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