Valentine's Day is for you to let your heart do the talking! Pour your heart out to the one you've fallen for, make your sweetheart feel special and celebrate the most powerful emotion on earth, love. Celebrity marriages don't last, well that's what people say and celebrities haven't been helping at all in turning around that statement, although there are some celebrities who have been able to keep their marriages going, even with the negative publicity they get. Some have not even settled down and might probably spend the valentine season without their spouse. In this list Dimeji Alara brings you the list of celebrity women who won't be celebrating valentine with their spouse, those who will be spending it with their spouse and those who are still single and searching enjoy as you read on.

Married but now single ladies who will celebrate Valentine all by themselves includes:

Stella Damasus Aboderin; It is not the wish of the beautiful actress and musician widow of the late Jaiye Aboderin to spend her valentine all alone without her husband but as destiny will have it, the beautiful mother of two will be spending hers all alone. Stella whose husband died in December 2004, went on stage thirty seven days after her husband's death and also co MC'd with Olisa Adibua at the launching of True Love magazine. The question on many people's lips now is "was it right for Stella to go on stage thirty seven days after her husband's death?"

Biola Okoya; Even though her ex hubby Akinwande Johnson decided to settle down with another woman last year, Biola Okoya, daughter of business mogul and Eleganza boss Razak Okoya is still enjoying her life as a single mother and will be spending her Val as a single woman.

Regina Askia; Ex beauty queen and now mother of three (Stephanie Hornecker, Olympia Williams and Rudolph jnr) is now separated from Rudolph Williams her American husband. Regina has never been successful in relationships since her reign as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 1989. First was her relationship with her French lover Patrick Hornecker (MD DPMS) which produced a baby girl Stephanie, then later came her romance with Charles Orie which lasted just for a while then came her marriage to her American husband. Everybody thought it was for real after four years in the marriage which produced two children. According to Rudy, Regina is presently seeing someone and the person is an American.

Iyabo Obasanjo; The president's daughter might not be happy about this but like she said in a recent interview "my marriage collapsed because I was unhappy". But since she resumed her office, the mother of one hasn't really had time for affairs; she is so much into her job that you rarely see her at parties. This lady happens to fall among the celebrity women who will spend their Val all by themselves unless they find someone else before then.

Those who are still searching and might spend it alone includes:

Nike Osinowo; The question people keep asking is "will she ever settle down". Nike is 40yrs and still single and childless. She is a woman with style, a woman so many other women admire and envy. She has class and style that even the American stars will go green with envy. Nike Osinowo has been linked with several men in the society. She was recently linked with the vice president Atiku Abubakar whom almost married her but as fate will have it, they both went their separate ways. She is rumored to be in a hot romance with former MTN boss Adrian Woods, whom she is now working together with at Daily Times were she was given the post of the image maker with a monthly salary of six hundred thousand naira.

Eunice Efole; Eunice is a big babe any time any day. The controversial society girl is described as notorious. Some says she's a pimp. Nobody really knows what she does for a living and this gal spends money as if it's running out of fashion. Appearing at every society event, she wears very expensive clothes and lives in an expensive apartment in Ikeja, but Eunice still remains single and probably not ready to settle down.

Grace Egbagbe; She was never married. Grace, one of Nigeria's most fashionable women is in her late 50s and looks a lot younger than her age. She had her first son for Chief Alex Ekwueme, former vice president of Nigeria. The lady is a fashion icon, for her, she doesn't plan to marry and doesn't spend valentine with a particular man, though many women her age has a permanent man they spend their valentine with but her own case is totally different.

Ranti Johnson; She is the daughter of the first minister of youths and sports in Nigeria and Abba folawiyo's step sister. At 45yrs old Ranti is still single and childless but hopes and prays everyday to settle down and be a happy mother and a wife. Ranti will obviously be spending her Valentine all alone like she's always done. The humble and very beautiful lady owns a shop in race course were she sells lace materials, a shop she's owned for 20 yrs now.

Those who will be spending it with their spouse includes:

Mr. Mrs. Folawiyo; She's a fashion designer and he's a business man, they are both in their old age but they feel like young teenagers in love. They are ready to have a swell valentine for the year 2005.

Nkiru and Williams Anumudu; Not much is known about what Nkiru does but it is obvious that she loves partying; no party is complete without her. But she never attend these events alone, her hubby (MD Globe motors) is always with her.

Soni and Betty Irabor;
He's a TV presenter and producer and she's the publisher of one of Nigeria's best magazine Genevieve magazine. They are both successful in their field and also a good role model to many

Razak and Sade Okoya; Razak is the MD of Eleganza, he's far older than Sade but that hasn't stopped them from loving each other.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe;
This couple needs no introduction, they are both into music and presenting, need I say more?

Matthew and Omotola Ekeinde; He's a pilot and she's a star actress, with four lovely kids.

Todd and Rachelle Stevens;
He's a businessman and she's the manager of the Miss Common Wealth Pageant.

Donald and Onari Duke; The governor of Cross River State is handsome and the wife is pretty. What more?

Tos and Operal Benson; They are both oldies but still in town.

Rufai and funmi Ladipo; He's the MD of STB Mac Ann and she's the brain behind Regalia Couture.




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