Look like our team members at your next concert: Three of our team members talk about their fashion picks for concerts. They let you in to their unique style of clothing and also give you a slight insight to their taste in music. To top it all off they have links to purchase these items. Enjoy!
T Lapos Pick
Jacket - $15.00 - www.15dollarstore.com
Blouse - $19.99 - www.gojane.com
Jeans - $59.00 - www.babyphat.com
shoes - $99.99 - www.shoes.com
purse - $29.95 - www.bakersshoes.com
earrings - $28.99 - www.funchic360.com
brooch - $39.99 - www.shop.com
bracelets - $10.50 - www.claires.com
watch - $24.99 - www.target.com

I am attending an Usher or John Legend concert. I chose this outfit because it's simple yet classy and very versatile for different environments. Without the presence of the jacket, I can go to looking more casual, more party like and with the jacket my look upgrades itself to a more sophisticated genre. Instead of the flower that originally came with the jacket I would replace it with the pink and green brooch. My favorite part of this outfit is that most of the colors are so neutral and subdued that it makes the green pop out even more. And because the outfit is not too extravagant it brings focus to the accessories. The purse is the final piece that unites all the colors in the outfit. This outfit is very low maintenance and that pretty much describes my style.
Nkay O's Pick

*Trucker Hat - $3.50 - Thrift Town
* Fela Graphic Tee- $12 - One3snapshot
* Isaac Mizrahi Blazer- $29.99 -Target
*Sunglasses- $10 - Crossroads
* Hobo purse- $12.99 - Target
*Gritty Jeans- $40 - One3snapshot
*Naija Leather Bracelet- Gift- $Priceless
* Grommet Belt- $22.00- Hot Topic
*Plastic Punk Bracelet- $5.99 - The Wasteland
*Dangling Heart Earrings- $7.99 - H&M
* Watch- $45 - Kenneth Cole
* Shoes- $40- Converse



Fela is a music legend, so it's definitely fitting to have that vibe at a music concert as well as represent a certain aspect of where I'm from.

My style is usually very casual and I always like to be comfortable, especially going to something like a concert. The blazer and jeans look is probably one of my favorites styles that is trendy right now, as the blazer helps add that 'I actually made an effort to dress' look to almost any outfit. A lot of my 'staple' or base clothes are usually dark colors, but I like to play with color especially with accessories or a t-shirt.

Enagwolo's Picks
Hmm... so I get to go to a music concert? I'm guessing it's on Nigerian Entertainment because the current state of popular music makes it damn near impossible for me to fork over $45 for nosebleed seats. Anyway, since --in my dreams-- I am absolutely cultured and "in the know", this event would be an intimate, neo-soulish event with about 50-100 people. There would be seats, even though most people would stand and mingle. There'd be alcohol although it'll mostly be wine and cocktails. As mentioned, it's intimate so after the concert, guests will get a chance to hang around and chat with the musicians.

The outfits chosen will also work for a poetry reading or any other event pretentious black people like to attend.

Black is slimming and can be worn with anything, so why don't I start there?
I like this TOP because it's simple and can easily be dressed down or up.
Alternatively, if I am feeling particularly sexy and want to show some skin,
I might pick this TOP instead, In fact, I think I'm going to have to go with this one. Or maybe THIS ONE?

Gosh, so many tops, so little...

Seeing that I just probably spent about $50 on my top (I'm leaning on the
second one), and I am not exactly Paris Hilton, I'm going to have to go to
my trusted Old Navy for my JEANS. I've always been partial to boot cut and I
like the color and it's on sale! So I guess I have no choice.

I always have and always will be in love with SANDALS - the strappier they
are, the better. I can imagine the jeans falling over the top of the shoe
and resting above the toes... so just a little of the shoe, and the heel of
course will be visible - which is that look I am going for. And once again,
it's on sale.

Now my bag. So my top is some shade... my sandals are like a silvery thing.
I really want this BAG but I'm not sure the white will quite go with my shoes and top... and I'm
not sure how I feel about the bow. Hmm... but maybe THIS ONE will work better? At $29, I think I can afford to buy them both then get a
second opinion.

I'm a casual kind of dresser so to bring down the tone of the entire outfit, I'm opting for SILVER HOOPS which can easily be found at Claire's for $6.

Since it's still winter, I'll wear all of these under a trusted brown or black leather/suede jacket and voila! it's time to flirt with hot guys
whilst pretending to not be a groupie.





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