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Dangerous Twins 1, 2 and 3
The Story
This trilogy is based on a story of twins, both played by Noah Ramsey, that decided to switch lives for a change of pace. One twin, Kehinde, resides in Nigeria while Taiye resides in London. Kehinde, the more playful of the two, is married with three kids while Taiye, the more responsible and serious, is unsuccessful at impregnating his wife. Due to both of their problems, the twins decide to switch identities so that Kehinde can impregnate Taiye's wife and Taiye can assist Kehinde in his business affairs. After leading each other's lives for some months Kehinde decides that he prefers' his brother's life to his own and refuses to switch back, thereby leaving Taiye to implore any means to rightfully obtain his life back.

Dangerous Twins was a different pace in the Nigerian Movie Genre for me. This movie was exciting and unpredictable, although part 2 was a ridiculous waste of tape, part 1 and 3 were very attention grabbing and absorbing. Part 3 was by far my favorite in this trilogy because of the twist that is sure to leave you stunned.
Verdict for Trilogy: 4/5 Glossy Kisses

Critical Decision 1 and 2
The Story
Genevieve Nnaji is engaged to a man who was crippled in an accident. In order for him to walk again he must undergo an expensive surgery, which he nor his fiancée can't afford. Because of his disability their relationship begins to unravel as his attitude deteriorates with each passing day. One day at work, Genevieve meets Ray (Richard MofeDamijo), a brilliant yet extremely spoiled artist who is obsessed with painting her nude. Genevieve finally gives in to Ray's demand with the agreement that he will pay her the amount plus more needed for her fiancée's surgery and that no one but himself must lay an eye on the portrait. Tamara (Stephanie Okekere), Genevieve's coworker and friend catches the jealous bug because Ray prefer her friend to her, devises a plan to ruin Genevieve's relationship and to expose her to the whole town.

Although this is a chic flick, I totally enjoyed it. My favorite aspect of this movie is the transformations of the different characters and the way that they make your feelings transform for them throughout the movie. The end is definitely icing on the cake and yes I'll admit it I found myself getting sappy.
Verdict: 4.5/5 Glossy Kisses

The Story
Niyi, a young executive business man, through a funny chain of events finds himself dating two separate girls, Lola and Funto, whom he feels deeply for. Funto, a college student that is accustomed to having any guy she wants and dates at least five guys at the same time, is ready to relinquish her playette ways for Niyi. Lola, also a college girl who has been burned on more than one occasion is ready to let her protective wall down in order to embrace a relationship with Niyi. To further complicate matters, Niyi later discovers that Lola and Funto are SISTERS!! And he must choose one.

By far this is one of my favorite Yoruba movies, don't worry it is subtitled and the subtitles are accurate translations in English. Tony Tetuila makes a guest appearance in the movie and surprisingly is a very good actor and fits naturally into the storyline. This movie has all the elements of drama, humor, surprise, sorrow and reality that makes the audience feel like it is their story that is being told.
Verdict : 5/5 Glossy kisses

Virgins Night Out 1 & 2
The Story
Mary (Stephanie Okekere), plays an orphan who was raised in a nunnery, grows up to be a nun by circumstance. As she comes to age she begins to wonder about other paths that diverge from the Nun Life. Emeka Ike, is a playboy who loses interest in the opposite sex after five minutes of knowing them, catches a glimpse of Stephanie and is immediately smitten. Mary proceeds to lead a double life as a nun and an regular young woman but in the end learns the truth about her background and must fight to lead an ordinary with Emeka, the man she loves.

Hmmm, this movie was very predictable and unimaginative. Though the storyline managed to keep my attention for the duration of the movie, this is not a movie worthy of my brain memory. This movie has no uniqueness and falls into the stereotypical love story mold. Although it wasn't horrible, its certainly not something that I would call up a friend for and demand that she leave her house at 3am in the morning to go get and watch, even if she was extremely bored.
Verdict: 1.5/5 Glossy Kisses

Osuofia in London 1 &2
The Story
Osuofia, a poor village Igbo man who has never left Nigeria, receives news that his estrange brother has died and he's the sole heir. In order to inherit the money and the estate, Osuofia must travel to London for paperwork. He meets his late brother's lawyer and fiancée who have hidden separate plans for the money and estate. Follow Osuofia as he embarks on many adventures in London and how he ultimately gets his money. In Part 2, Osuofia weds his brother's white fiancée and brings her back to Nigeria to live with him. Many discrepancies arise as the new wife tries to adjust to the culture, fit in with his existing wife and daughters and achieve the true reason why she agreed to marry Osuofia.

This movie had me rolling!!!!! There were parts where I seriously could not breathe, this was one of the funniest Nigerian Movies I have seen to date! I think the funniest thing about this movie is that we all know we have an uncle, aunt or family friend that acts just like Osuofia and it is so comforting to know that we are not the only ones with such family members, I know it comforted me. Part 2, though funny on its own, in no way compared to the humor and interest of Part1 but was a decent ending to the tale.
Verdict : 3.5/5 Glossy Kisses





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