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Why you too dey rap like Mumu? (2x)
Wetin concern Dudu and Fufu?
God don catch you somebody don blast you
Why you too dey copy copy? (2x)
Abi your name na floppy floppy?
God don catch you Ruggedman don blast you
good for you.

No more games
I go go straight I go name names
I no go lay blame
na time to flog with cane
I go let you feel pain and shame
if I leave you and you still dey yarn your stupid game,
dey shout your name
like say na something good
you disrespect?-you rude?
I go slap you right here I no go wait for any mood
Now Rasqie,
how you take get deal pass me
I no know wetin Kennis been hope to do by signin you
Ba lyrics,ba sense ba concept
wetin e get? ''Nonsense''
You even talk say fakers dey out there
out where?
Sey where you stand?
See Kettle, calling the pot black like the Reverends
''Ayangba'' na another point of reference
but I go take una one by one
cos even the sun and the moon dey take am
''turn by turn''
As long as my wheel dey turn,my fire go burn
I go call your name no matter where you are from
or who you roll with or who you flow with
no blame me I only see you as wetin you spit
So if I call Rasqie a ras kid I know wetin I speak so make anybody no harass me for street
if you do,e go too bloody
cos my dogz dey with me some of them high pass Whitney and Bobby
put together
rock for the butter the bread the cheda whenever...mmh..
in short for ever
You see me dey come through
you best dey run too
cos ma crew's gonna run through you like a runnaway
''Choo Choo''
If you like the beat ''Gbon idi''
Rasqie do the track but him gan him no Soji
I say if you like the beat ''Gbon idi''
Rasqie do the track but him gan him no Soji

No be secret say Remedies been need remedy
I hear their rap I laugh to me na like comedy
Eedris and my five year old nephew rap the same way
like say dem born dem on the same day
Wetin him dey talk I no hear but I fear when him migidi and people start to cheer
I say wetin him dey try say for so long?
Him name na Eedris how come him sabi speak in tongues?
I speak too strong to be lyrically weak
so if I die na of lyrics I go dey reek
So Eedris..
here's a word of advice
try using words and you just might sound nice
But not as precise as me and my guys infront of your eyes
no try too hard cos we don already win the prize
So no need to rush to grab the mic to dey bust
no need to step on stage just because
Ti wa abinibi
tie ability
so make u no show your face for my vicinity
with you...
We fit make money before this year over
by selling tapes and an Eedris opats decoder
I say
We fit make money before this year over oh.
by selling tapes and an Eedris opats decoder

Oya Maintain
make we siddon make we yarn
I loved your concept for ''Blah''
your video bam
but after that...
nothing else
ninety percent of your whole album na from someone else
Tune no be your own
instrumental no be your own
but thank God concept and language na your own (Yoruba)
But how far with copy copy and over lifting?
outside of Naija copy write law go be your in thing
Your main issue
record companies dem go rip you like tissue
so where you think say that go leave you?
Inside gutter
and I sure say Bamo go scamper when katakata scatter yakata
This no be beef talk
cos if na im we go be topic wey market women go dey discuss for Race Course oya make we pause

Imagine Maintain for yankee say dem wan perform,LL Cool J,Nas,Aaliyah wey don pai

I love you guys and I know you got stuff to offer
only,keep it original take ma words like a brothers
See me like a Pastor putting y'all on the right track
Ke de mail me nitori mo fe ka jo se track (e mail me oh!)




His unique style and original lyrics and had Ruggedman undoubtedly the hottest rapper in Nigeria, In an exclusive interview with Nigerian Entertainment, he talks about being a controversial rapper, his music and big plans for the future. His website is very impressive so check it out.

NE: What have you been working on lately?

RM: I am currently working on my Video Cd, which will include all my music videos, exclusive interviews and my live performances. I am also on my Albums promotional tour tagged PROJECT AREA.

NE: In the rap industry would you say you are the best rapper Nigeria has?

RM: I can rightfully say I am one of the best but not "the" best cos there's no best. We have a lot of wonderful rappers in Nigeria and I am glad to be one of them. What makes me happy is that right now if rappers are mentioned in Nigeria my name is in the first two.

NE: Your song " Big Bros" directed at Kennis music, what has the response been like?

RM: He and his people didn't like it but the whole nation heard, understood and agreed with me on it cos just like Ehen, everything I said in it was true. U dont try to stop a brothers music from being played on air just cos you got more money than him.

NE: Rumor has it Kennis tried to stop your music from being played on the radio, can you tell us what went down with that?

RM: Yeah he did. I know this cos some of the people he called in radio stations to stop playing my music are close friends and they let me know what was going on. It even came out in the papers (Fame weekly to be exact). The caption read Kennis Battles Star Fm Over Ruggedman. This was cos G.M.L who presents on the Nigerian radio station 101.5 Star Fm plays my music a lot.G.M.L got calls from Kennis but refused to stop, then the Boss at Star Fm started getting the calls too and it caused a bit of trouble at the station.

NE: Tell us about Ruggedman, what is a normal day like for you?

RM: Right now a normal day is work work and more work. I am currently working on promoting my just released album titled THY ALBUM COME. Especially since I am doing everything on my own. I also released my album under my own label RUGGED RECORDS.

NE: Which do you prefer, studio or stage?

RM: Studio and stage, you know why? In the studio I get to pour out and capture my concepts and while on stage I get to perform them live and see and feel peoples reactions.

NE: When you go on stage can you explain to us the feeling you get?

RM: The feeling I get before I go on stage is mixed, I feel a bit nervous especially if it's at a place where I haven't performed before. But it all vanishes as soon as I step on stage and start doing ma thang. Then I feel great if the crowd is a good responsive one.

NE: You now have your own record label, what made you decide to own your own label?

RM: I have dreams of being a record label mogul and also cos I tried one label and they could not do anything for me. I just wanted it that way and that's how God has helped me do it.

NE: Are you planning to retire from being a performer to a record exec?

RM: That will definitely be it at the end of the day.

NE: What kind of artists are you looking to sign?

RM: Right now I am looking to sign an r n b artiste, so that way we can do collabos and go into two different fields, Rap and R n B.

NE: How can an up coming artist get their demo to you for review?

RM: I am not ready for that yet, though I do get a lot of calls from up coming acts that want me to either listen to their stuff or sign them on my label. It's not yet time for that, right now I am all about promotional work on Ruggedman and his Thy Album Come Lp.

NE: The music industry can be rough, how do you cope?

RM: Yes the industry is tough so I make sure my music and my videos are tight to stand any test. I make music people will love to have and dance to. Then the fact that I am in control of all I do (I make all the decisions that have to do with Ruggedman) is an added plus.

NE: How have you guys been dealing with piracy?

RM: Piracy is something that can not be totally wiped out so we new breed artistes have gone into legal marketing deals with music marketers who might be pirates cos you never can tell. We have them paying us for the marketing and distributing rights of our albums.

NE: Who would you say are your favorite Nigerian artists?

RM: My favorite Nigerian artistes are Paul Play Dairo, Bongos Ikwe, Lexzy Doo, Jaffar, Black Face, Faze, Styl Plus .....

NE: A lot of foreign artist have been performing in Nigeria lately, which of their shows have you performed at?

RM: I performed at the Sean Paul and Wyclef concerts.

NE: What was the experience like?

RM: The experience was great, being billed to perform alongside music greats. I especially loved my Wyclef performance cos I got there late and had to perform after Wyclef. Normally people leave after the International act has performed, but that day was different. That was one of the days I got to know that I have people who love my music and me. People stayed behind for my performance and boy did I give them one. A few people had doubts about my doing anything to move the crowd since Clef just finished performing but I brought the house down. It was a performance to remember.

NE: Do you look up to anybody for inspiration?

RM: For Inspiration I look up to God and everything around me.

NE: Eedris and 50cent. What is your opinion on what went down considering how you feel about Eedris?

RM: How I feel about Eedris doesn't come into it. First things first, no matter what you treat your guests with utmost respect. Their welfare comes first. On that I say Eedris messed up. Then I solidly put the blame on the people who were supposed to introduce the artistes to each other. If 50s body guard knew that Eedris was a performing artist he wouldn't have dragged him out of a seat weather 50s or not. That where I stand.

NE: Would you consider yourself a controversial rapper?

RM: I dont consider myself a controversial rapper. I see myself as a rapper that decided to speak his mind and call a spade a spade, even if it looked like I was dissing other artistes. Everything I have done so far has been for positive reasons.

NE: How do your fans respond to you when they see you on the road?

RM: My fans show me mad love when they see me. Some want to touch me; others want a souvenir while some ask for ma autograph. It feels great to know that you and your music are loved by so many.

NE: I'm sure the ladies would like to know if you are single?

RM: Yes right now Ruggedman is single.

NE: Any plans to settle down ay time soon?

RM: Everybody has plans to settle down, its only when that you never know. I will as soon as its time.

NE: Do you think being in a relationship can affect ones career in a negative or positive way? Explain

RM: Being in a relationship can affect your career negatively if your partner doesn't understand and is not patient enough. Then positively if your partner understands and supports your every move.

NE: Where do you see your career 5 years down the line?

RM: In 5 years time I pray to be the best rap thing out of Nigeria and Africa and also be the ceo of one of the hottest record labels in Africa.

NE: Any final words of wisdom to all your fans?

RM: God bless all my fans and I wish you the best of everything. Thanks for the mad love for my music and me and I won't let you down. Visit my website




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