NAME: Kingsley Okafor
AGE: 22
BORN: San Antonio, Texas
CURRENTLY: Houston, Texas
SONG: too many to choose from....
ARTIST: Jay Z, Talib Kweli, and The Roots
BOOK: Toni Morrison's "Sula" and Ai's "Vice"
MOVIE: "The Matrix"
WANNA WORK WITH: Common, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Mya (more than one reason), John Mayer.

Playing Below: DOWN AND OUT


I can tell you that giving interviews are not right up there on my favorite things to do. Something that seems relatively easy became a task for me, so for a while I pondered about what I would ask Rukus (or Ruk as I like to call him in my head). I decided I would just hold an interview over instant messenger and play it by ear. After this I can honestly say this is one of the best IM conversations I have had, and I have to say it does a pretty kick ass job of being an interview too!

*E-ffects of the Internet*

NE: hey
RUKUS: who is this?
NE: lol it's me, for NE?
RUKUS: ohhhhhh, my bad. I have had random people IMing in the past couple of months
NE: I'm sure you do
RUKUS: sorry to come off that way
NE: don't even apologize, I expected it, and I do understand, it's the weirdest thing huh?
RUKUS: yeah..."I saw your site" or "I found your IM name"..freaks me out
NE: lol!!
RUKUS: lol...I'm so serious
NE: do you ever get people not telling who they are, or expecting you to some how use your ESP to figure it out?
RUKUS: yesssss…then we play the "who are you" game for 10 minutes before I say "I'ma block you in a sec"
NE: haha…now I know you have stalkers
RUKUS: just a couple...nothing major...haha…at least they love me, right?
NE: well I guess that is a good thing. as long as we don't get pregnant ones showing up at your doorstep, playing "guess who the father is".
RUKUS: lolllllll.........whoa none of that.
NE: speaking of random IMs...give me your thoughts on the relationship of music, you, and the internet, what they mean to each other.
RUKUS: Music is reflective of life tells your mood, it tells your persona, it can be a story about your dreams or as serious as your reality....the internet is just a bigger medium to get that story out. For me I'm just about getting my story out to as many people as possible....
NE: so in a way, like you said...random IMs is a good thing, because that means your story is getting out?
RUKUS: In a way...haha...yeah. Sometimes the random IM's are people wanting me to work with a track they have...sometimes its people wanting to collab...sometimes its ladies wanting to....ummm...ya know?
NE: The do you feel about that? how do you respond to that? what is a typical thought process when they are wanting to "ummm...ya know?" whatever that means
RUKUS: I'm like any other guy...I love the attention of the opposite sex...But honestly, I'm at a point right now where I'm just focused on becoming the artist I want to be. Everything else is secondary....

*The Artist's Purpose*

NE: I know that feeling. So the artist you want to be...tell me about him
RUKUS: Grinding...I want to speak on things that most artists don't have the heart or skill to speak on. I want to be an artist that's a role model to kids everywhere. I want people to listen to me and say "I want to be like him". I want to perfect my flow, broaden my subject matter, and bring more energy to my performance. I want to make GREAT music....what's on the radio is garbage for the most part. Everybody is in line trying to follow the same formula.
NE: Right...I was just talking about that the other day... how it seems like some artists/producers these days...right before they make whatever songs...the assume their audience is stupid…and they can sell us crap... cos we'll buy any way right?
RUKUS: exactly
NE: so what are some of these things that you feel most artists don't speak on...or rather...what are your themes/topics?
RUKUS: I don't think artists speak on life...too many artists are dreaming...ain't nothing wrong with having ONE song talking about how you dream of fame and fortune....but I mean talk about what's wrong in your neighborhoods, speak on growing up, talk about love...real love..., talk about how all this violence is wrong in the community...think outside the box on a couple of songs....but I stress...speak on real life. stop calling women "bitches"
NE: uhuh
RUKUS: I don't know...what I hear makes me just take out my old CD's and jam...the new stuff isn't cutting it
NE: So what's the primary 'career' path you want to take?
RUKUS: man...I'm tryna to do alot of things in life...there is no primary...there are things I feel are my purpose...and rap is one of them.
NE: how long have you always wanted to rap?
RUKUS: as a career....2 years. I've been rapping for about 6 though. 2004 was the first time I did real songs. Before it was just a hobby
NE: where would you say the interest/inspiration came from?
RUKUS: hmmm...God...everyone has talents and abilities...some moreso than others...but its the ones that you could use to take you to some level of greater good that we should focus on. Not to sound arrogant, but I feel like I can be better than 90% of the rappers out there now. Using rap as a medium I can inspire people, and gain the exposure needed to make a difference politically, on social issues as well as in the betterment of the community. so yeah...God is my inspiration.
NE: wow...that makes a lot of sense... a friend of mine said to me.. its nice to have interests/passions...but whatever you're doing make sure it has a purpose. So what would be the ideal effects of this, physically speaking?
RUKUS: Rap makes financially I would have an impact. I'd definitely want to start community centers and donate to various charities. I would also want to be a face and voice in the community promoting various programs to uplift underprivileged youth. Most importantly the exposure would provide me as a role model....a purpose I would definitely like to fulfill and live up to.
NE: would you say.. ur desire to make change came from your own life, how life is/was for you? or from people close to you
RUKUS: well in a way
NE: how so?
RUKUS: my sister can play the hell out of the violin...we used to perform with each other...she can play by ear...plays hiphop like Miri Benari does on the violin....but she didn't follow that dream. My brother is an excellent artist....paints, draws, the whole nine...but he didn't follow that dad is brilliant...coulda been a doctor...but didn't follow that dream....
I don't want regrets....I'm following the dream...and I want to be a role model for people to do so as well. And I want to show that so called "low culture" can produce good....

NE: i'm assuming your siblings are older? Are you the last or you have younger ones?

RUKUS: I'm the last, last of four, one brother, two sisters
NE: if everyone's life had a theme...what would yours be?
RUKUS: Don't let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you're crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you're lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you're greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn't understand."
NE: is that original, or am I supposed to have heard that before?
RUKUS: Robert Allen
NE: Thanks. One person you'd want to meet
RUKUS: on earth? lol...everyone says Jesus
NE: haha, well some can argue that he's not a mere 'person'
RUKUS: its a tie....Toni Morrison and Jay-Z
NE: Physical thing you can't live without
RUKUS: food and water, lol
NE: lol, that goes without saying
RUKUS: hmmm, music
NE: Good one

*Toni Morrison, Jewel, and Mya*

NE: So Why Toni?
RUKUS: She's a genius to me. I've read everyone of her books. Twice. She's a genius
NE: *note to self: "pay more attention to Toni Morrison"..*
RUKUS: every black woman should read "The Bluest Eye"
NE: my sister has that book...I'll keep that in mind
RUKUS: I see you're promoting Jewel
NE: lol as if
RUKUS: I actually love Jewel....if I would date a white would probably be her....her song writing is amazing and her poetry is well above average.
NE: if I would date a white girl…she'd get it too
RUKUS: lol. I have her book of poetry
NE: oooh..i don't like you...
RUKUS: it was a gift...
NE: So, mya, wanna share?
RUKUS: I've always had a lil somethin for Mya....but we'd keep it strictly business, homegirl can sing
NE: yes she can.

*Causing Ru'c'kus*

NE: I'm sure you've gotten this quite a lot but …Why Rukus?
RUKUS: thats what I used to bring to the mic every time I joined a cypher or free-styled. thats what I would bring when I used to battle
NE: so talk to me about what you're working on right
RUKUS: I'm working on a mixtape and an album right now. The name of the album will be "Home Grown" and it should come out between Summer and Fall 2005....its gonna be hot and a mature album. The mixtape is gonna be jammin as well. I've been having producers sending me beats and I'm still going through selecting prime material...if you're a producer you can get at me @ For the rest of y'all look for the mixtape and "Home Grown" real soon....
NE: so what would you describe your music style as?
RUKUS: I am neo-rap.
NE: Nice. So do you plan on remaining in Houston/Texas, or do you see yourself moving, as far as your music thing goes?
RUKUS: wherever it leads me, but I wanna be close to the fam
NE: …Anything else ?
RUKUS: Actually man, I'm chill...I'm just now starting to get used to this interview stuff...they've been coming in the last month or two...but its y'alls thing...y'all ask the questions. I just give you the answers
NE: I think at this point...its a symbiotic relationship. We get material to write about...and you get to put yourself out there. it will change at some point though I'm sure
RUKUS: yeah well I pubbed my album, and mixtape, all that's left is people judging the music, and seeing if they like it for themselves. I make the music that I would want to hear on the radio
NE: actually I did want to ask you...about poetry...I know you write poetry too
RUKUS: oh yeah...I started off writing rap...moved to poetry/spoken word. I perform both
NE: oh cool...
RUKUS: By the end of 2006 I'll have a book out as well
NE: a book?
RUKUS: currently working on a novel…yeah
NE: Nice, so when are we gonna see you on def jam poetry?
RUKUS: people have asked me to do that...I'm cool with Amanda Diva (MTV2 VJ) and I've seen her do that....I'm chill...I'm more laid back...I put my energy moreso into rap, but I respect what those cats do
NE: she has cool hair
RUKUS: yeah...she's a cool girl, she has me on tape freestyle battling Kurtis Blow's son, she needs to get me some airtime, lol
NE: yeah she really does, what's that about? haha.. maybe I need to send her an email or something
RUKUS: lol
NE: you were freestyle battling...where?
RUKUS: A Hip hop conference....hosted by A&M University, Kurtis Blow and the Breaks were there, showing off a new documentary he's releasing. after the conference, Diva had her camcorder goin and we were arguing whether battling was good for Hip hop, Kurtis blow said it hurt Hip hop cuz it led to violence
NE: Uhuh
RUKUS: I argued it could be did Kurtis Blow's son. so we battled without talking about each other...we freestyle battled on a topic.... something totally random, that we couldn't use a planned verse on
NE: what was his response to that (Kurtis)
RUKUS: he liked it...but I ripped his son
NE: haha good stuff. by the way...are you signed?
RUKUS: nope…the word is just getting out, and it hasn't even been a year since I did my first original song
NE: wow...its looking good eh
RUKUS: God is blessing me, I have to keep doing what he says
NE: Amen!

*Signing Out*

RUKUS: the thing about writing...and doing music, people get you gifts like pens, CD's, journals, wtf? lol
NE: lmao
RUKUS: I'm so serious, its depressing
NE: you get so many journal give them specific jobs.. like okay "you're for sad days, you are for happy days, you're for cussing out… "
RUKUS: I want clothes!
NE: Haha!
RUKUS: I've gotten like 4 pens. if I get another book, I'ma hit someone with it
NE: *note to self* "don't ever give Rukus a writing book, or pen"
RUKUS: please
NE: alright I'll let you breathe last question
RUKUS: alright
NE: Well its not really a question- tell me a joke
RUKUS: ummm, lol, I don't really know too many of those
NE: you don't have one joke... that u just hold on to for times like these? shame on you!
RUKUS: haha. dang...I don't have one joke, I need to get out more
NE: yes you do, well it was really great talking to you, you're very inspiring and motivating, you give me hope (in the goodness of people) and you have my support.
RUKUS: Thanks




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