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Written by: Nneka O

Her name is Naira and she is HOT, no need for us to tell you, listen to her song "LOVE" and see for yourself. In this artist spotlight, Nneka, talks about the artist and her music.


For Nigerians, Naira would normal equal Nigerian currency AKA Kudi, Ego, Owo, but in this case Naira would be an up and coming singer representing Naija by way of ATL.

Cleopatra Yejide Adedeji, commonly known as Naira, explains that for her the word as her name means "Nigerian American I Represent Africa" and a way she could represent her African descent.

It is safe to say that Naira seems to be a promising prospect in the music industry. This sultry-voiced ATL resident has credible vocal quality with a style that's an interesting mix of singers Erykah badu and Tweet.
Inspired by Hip hop, R'n'B, Neo Soul and African musical influences such as Sade, Nas, Jill Scott, Miriam Makeba and Femi Kuti, Naira describes her style as "A mix of Lauryn hill and Missy with a twist". Think Floetry but in this case you have Naira as both the Floetress and Songstress and carrying it off very well, with a uniqueness that is clearly hers.

With singles like "Rhapsody" a soulful song about love gone sour and "Planting seeds", a song that expresses the depth of love, Neo Soul and R'n'B lovers will find something to their tastes.

This 20 year old Songtress has quite an impressive resume. Asides from singing, she also raps. Naira is currently working on Da M.V.M.T, an underground mix where she is featured as a singer, songwriter and producer. She has been featured in A.R.C.H production's stage plays. Her performance last year at the Dejavu Reunion in Atlanta was definitely one to tell others about.

But that's not all for Miss Naira. Currently featured on the mixtape "Underground sweep" and an upcoming album in the works, we can be rest assured that we will be hearing a lot more from this talented young lady.













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