1. Dinner with colleagues or friends.
It has a sophisticated and very feminine look to it and the earthy color of the skirt makes it perfect for wearing in the evening. If worn properly, it says sexy without trying hard.
I chose the outfit mainly because of its satiny material and the color of the skirt which is a personal favorite, and basically, the whole combination is easy on the eye and feminine. It can also be worn to a party, girls' night out and shopping.

Satin skirt :$58 (Necessary objects)
chiffon top :$41 (H&M)
clutch bag :$98 (Franchi)
Metallic leather shoes :$150 (Kenneth Cole)
Bracelet :$30 (Express)

2. Casual Friday at work.

I chose the outfit because its not stuffy but still work-appropriate. It is a mix of different styles and the outcome manages to strike a comfortable balance between casual and formal. It is also still passable drinks with friends after work without having to change any aspect of the ensemble. I chose the outfit because of the color, white. It always manages to make the wearer look cool and classy. The brown accessories ease what would have otherwise become dull monotony. It can also be worn to lunch with colleagues and church.

Sweater with buttons: $49 (Tommy)
stretch polyester and rayon Pants: $59 (The Limited)
Leather belt with gold buckle and studs: $198 (Arianne Jeannot)
Leather handbag: $48 (Guess)
Leather pointy-toe high-heel pumps: $195 (Constanca Basto)

3. First date: at the movies.
The sweet peasant skirt and sexy tank top indicates femininity. I chose outfit because it creates the kind of impression you want to make on a first date. It is flirty feminine, sexy and not too fussy. You can't go wrong with the combination of colors.

Top :$26 (Michael Stars)
Skirt :$200 (Tahari)
Earrings :$61 (Agatha)
Belt : $20 (Streets Ahead)
Clutch :$170 (R&Y Augousti)
Clogs :$145 (KORS) Michael Kors



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