When you hear the word 'style' what comes to mind? m hmmm..Fashion and designers

How important would you say having a distinct style is? My style is very conservative and trendy. Having a distinct style is important but not very important; I wear whatever looks nice on moi.

How much of Nigerian culture would you say you incorporate into your basic style? Men am so ashamed of myself…I don't have a single native wear, then again I don't look good in iro and buba.

How would you describe how much you spend on clothing, accessories, grooming, and other items that you incorporate to get your style? Well am a student and a broke too, so I spend most my money on clothing and accessories. Sorry I can't really say how much I spend cus I myself don't know.

What are influences on your general style? My body shape and fashion sense.

Do you have any fashions 'secrets' or tips that you apply to your self? What is it? Well am not a "secret fashion tip" kinda person, its all natural Well one thing I definitely do is watch my face every night b4 going 2 bed, only on days I applied make-up tho. That's the only secret I have, it ain't a secret anymore now.

State a quote that you think describes or applies to your general style? "If it fits, rock it"What kind of music do you listen to? R&B, rock, Hip-hop, pop and a little Rap

If you got to pick ONE decade you'd like to go back into style, which would it be? It would have to be the 70's, watching movies of the 70's I noticed that there are plenty of wacky seventies clothes in full color. There's also a collection of scary hairstyles. Some scary hairstyles are unique, I like uniqueness. You guys need to check out the 70's platform shoes…so cool.

Would you describe yourself as trendy? Definitely

You arrive at a party and notice that you are very overdressed or underdressed. How do you handle this situation? I'll play it off, act like it doesn't bother me and smile with a "what r u looking at attitude" to anyone that stares at me. I'll probably make fun of myself with my friends for being under or overdressed.

What season of the year is your favorite in respect to your style? It has to be summer, that's the time I get to wear whatever I want. I hate winter.

It's almost summer and you need some new clothes. Where do you buy your new outfit? Mostly at Express, Forever 21, Body shop, and Next(Texas)…am in new York now so we shall see.

What would you say are your favorite colors when it comes to your dressing? Black, Brown, Blue, Red….I guess that's it, I have like 3pink outfits, and few whites…lets say 2.

On average, how much time do you spend getting ready? Gimme 15-20mins and I'll be out, I don't take much time getting ready.

What are the top factors that come in to play when you decide how you're going to dress? Where I am going, the weather, and who will be there.

How do you usually wear your hair? Straight/long or curly/short…I like curly hair.

How do you usually do your makeup? Light and more on the natural side, I'll make sure it's not 2 much

You're on a date with a guy nine inches taller than you. What sort of shoes do you wear? Inches shorter, what do you wear? First of all y'all, I don't like short guys, so if the guy is short I won't even bother going on a date with him. And if he's nine inches taller then I'll try as much as I can to wear shoes that the heels are high enough for me to be able to look into his eyes, there's nothing better than eye contact.

It's Friday night - you and your friends have big plans to go to a party. What will you wear? I would wear something that shows the skin and very sexy. Something that would make the guys go "wow" and make the girls hate me till they get over it.



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