When you hear the word 'style' what comes to mind? When I hear the word style what comes to my mind is Personality.
How important would you say having a distinct style is? Having a distinct style is very important to me because I like to standout, I hate blending in and just going with the flow.

How much of Nigerian culture would you say you incorporate into your basic style?
I think I incorporate a lot of Nigerian culture into my style in the sense of wearing western clothing with an African sense of style, I think a lot of times people get generic in America in terms of walking to store and just purchasing what is on a mannequin or something they saw someone else wearing, I think the same way I can rock a pair of Airforce 1's with blue jeans and a hoodie, I can flip it in the summer and rock the same outfit and instead of a hoodie throw in a blue and white Adire(tie and dye)short sleeve or accessorize with those Hausa silver bracelet and Hausa slippers.

How would you describe how much you spend on clothing, accessories, grooming, and other items that you incorporate to get your style? I spend a lot on clothing, accessories, grooming and other stuff at any given time cause my style changes, I remember last year I was growing dreads so I had to spend like $75 every other week re-locking and cleaning, I only shop at small stores that tend to have unique stuff so they tend to be expensive, now that I cut my locks I have to get a shape up every week to maintain my fro, I don't wear too much jewelry except watches, a stud earring and my Hausa collection of bracelets/bangles. So I spend a pretty penny on styling. lol

What are influences on your general style? Influences on my style range from other cultures to my sense of trying to be different, I am sure not everyone is gonna like what I wear but its how I feel and what I created or put together.

Do you have any fashions 'secrets' or tips that you apply to your self? What is it? The main fashion secret or tip I apply to myself is to never shop at big stores like Macy's or Bloomingdales and stuff, I love small stores like in New York: Prohibit, Premium Goods in Brooklyn, Moshood, American Eagle Outfitters(love their T-shirts) hmmm LV shoes, Prada Shoes and sometimes clothes, I also never see something on someone and run out and buy the exact same thing and rock it the same way, I feed off of Common(the artist) sometimes but I still do it my way.

State a quote that you think describes or applies to your general style? My style maybe described as urban chic, I wear a lot of expensive stuff but the same way I can wear a pair of prada shoes thats like $400 I can wear it with levi jeans that cost $40 and a linen shirt my aunty tailored for me from naija that probably cost $5 to make.

What kind of music do you listen to? I like different kinds of music, I think because I didn't grow up in Naija I tend to appreciate a lot of Fuji music like Obesere, Pasuma and stuff, I enjoy oldies which I can never get enough of when I go to Naija and buy mixed tapes of Shalamar, Kool and the Gang, gap band and stuff, and most definitely dance hall reggae.
If you got to pick ONE decade you'd like to go back into style, which would it be? I love the 80's.

Would you describe yourself as trendy? I am definitely not trendy, to me being trendy means you have no sense of style(not in a bad way) but you are not creative, you follow trends, if your favorite artist wears Jordans then you go and by Jordans, I still rock things from the 80's and its not a throw back because of how I wear it, some old buckled up brown leather jacket I got from my father, he bought it in 1978, now when I rock it with some Evisu jeans or Levi jeans and some Nike dunks, people be like damn. So being trendy is not bad, being unique and uncommon is better (for me).

You arrive at a party and notice that you are very overdressed or underdressed. How do you handle this situation? Hmmm, I think this rarely happens to me cause I know the people in my cypher, I don't go any party or clubs, I usually do lounges that I know so they know how I move, and usually am comfortable cause I don't over do things, in most cases its a matter of taking off a jacket or a hat and am cool, but I am comfortable in almost any situation cause its not really what you wear but how you feel in it and how you carry yourself.

How often do you dress in traditional Nigerian attires? Unfortunately I don't wear too many Nigerian traditonal attires because up until like the late 90's I really didn't know too many Nigerians thus never attended any Nigerian event or had Nigerian attires to wear, I think since I have been visiting Nigeria more frequently I have gotten hooked on Nigerian attires now and my aunt sends me a lot of stuff so I am really getting into it now.

It's almost summer and you need some new clothes. Where do you buy your new outfit?
Hmm, usually I don't confine myself to a store but rather an area, so when its time for me to shop for new clothes you will find me in Soho(New York City, downtown), I tend to walk around a lot looking at different stuff, but most likely Prohibit, Premium Goods, Unique Boutique, David Z's, and Petite Peton and stuff.

What is your favorite Nigerian/African look or outfit? My favorite African look or outfit is the Senegal outfit, I have invested some funds in those, and I also like tailored linen a bit.

What was the last addition to your wardrobe? The last addition to my wardrobe was a pair of brown louis vuitton shoes.

On average, how much time do you spend getting ready? I probably spend about 30mins to 45mins getting ready including shower.

What kind of perfume(s) or colognes are you most likely to wear?
I love Baldessarini by Hugo Boss and crave, that's pretty much what I wear in terms of cologne

What type of jewelry expresses your style the best? In terms of jewelry, I tend to keep it simple, I like silver watches (bracelet) or black leather kinda like the Movado museum collection, they are really simple, a diamond stud in one ear(not too big) and an Hausa bangle, silver and big, I bought like 12 of them on my last trip to Naija, I usually don't buy them in America cause they sell the generic ones so I love Tejuosho market in Naija.

Where would you go for an ideal date? My last date was really cool, I like going to quiet places with a home-style feeling so around my way I will start off at in Forte Green cause they have many cafes and restaurants, so I will depending on what my date wants I usually go to this Senegalese spot called "Keur N'Deye" its really small and they have these candles and the crowd is minimal but and have tact. lol, then head to my spot in da city Lot 61, love drinking by their fireplace and dance all night, sounds a little too perfect but its really cool. lol

It's Friday night - you and your friends have big plans to go to a party. What will you wear? Going to a big party on a Friday night, you may find me in a pair of black shoes, blue or black jeans, with a collared black shirt (short sleeve) and a brown leather jacket or blazer, depending on how exclusive it is I usually throw in a hat but I got a fro now so I just leave my hair out, not the typical combed out fro but just a lot of curly hair. It also depends, the places I go to I tend to know the owners or managers cause of the work am in so I can go to an exclusive party wearing like some sneakers (very clean, no stains pair of dunks, with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt (no designs on it) a black hat and a light black leather jacket. It really depends on who is throwing the party.




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