When you hear the word 'style' what comes to mind? When I hear the word style...I think of a way for an individual to express themselves. I think of NY, Paris and Milan. I think of runways with House of Field, Anna Sui, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior models strutting their stuff ever so vivrantly. I think of individuality, style sets one apart from the crowd. I think of a shopping spree in Manhattan. Oh NK, I think of so many good things when that word is mentioned.

How important would you say having a distinct style is? It is very important to be an individual. Nothing beats having your own style and setting your self apart from the crowd.

How much of Nigerian culture would you say you incorporate into your basic style? In my basic style? Not a lot I must admit. Except when I wear scarves. I have a Green white Green hand band that I rock occasionally.

How would you describe how much you spend on clothing, accessories, grooming, and other items that you incorporate to get your style? Are you asking for how much I spend or how I will describe how I spend?
Ok I guess the former. Eeer...I am a very responsible person when it comes to money management. I only spend when there is extra...hence these days my shopping has dramatically been cut down. Lets say 7% of my budget goes to clothes, 5% to grooming.

What are influences on your general style?
Most of my style influence comes from my mother who was very fashionable in her prime, she was like one of those young ladies you'd see on the pages of vogue or Honey magazine. The way she dressed and her distinctive style, i try to emulate she is one of my biggest influences when it comes to style. She raised me in fashion. I was rocking heels at 4, lol j/k but you get the point

Do you have any fashions 'secrets' or tips that you apply to your self? What is it? One thing about me is i will never ever sacrifice what looks good on me for whats in "style". If the new fish net tube dresses are whats in style and i know for sure they do not flatter either who i am or my body shape, you will never ever ever catch me in it.
I also tend to switch up a lot. I can be the hugest tomboy sometimes (i have lots of baseball hats, a big baggy dude shirts), but i make it girly with the heels i wear with them.

State a quote that you think describes or applies to your general style?
"Maybe she's born with it" *wink* (Maybelline quote)
LOL, i might not have been born with it, but i certainly was born by a very fashionable mother.

What kind of music do you listen to? I am really open minded and diverse when it comes to music. I listen to all types from R & B (R.Kelly, Aaliyah, Amerie, Avant, Janet, Beyonce), to Oldies (Al Green, The Carpenters, The Supremes, Micheal Jackson, Strafe, The Temptations, Barry white), to [hardcore] rap (2pac, Prodigy, Kurupt, Xhibit, Capone, Bravehearts,Nas, Peter Gunz), to Rock (Orgy, Nirvana, Korn, The Darkness), to Alternative R&B/Rap (N.E.R.D, Kelis, Fefe Dobson), to alternative (Fountains of Wayne, Blink 182, simple plan, yeah yeah yeahs), to pop (Jessica Simpson, Stacie Orrico,Madonna)...but for dancing, i most especially LOVE Club music...the one baltimore folks are most familiar with (footwork, perculator, theos thong) etc and at Nigerian parties, i would be very happy is some Makossa, Shina Peters and Fuji are played

If you got to pick ONE decade you'd like to go back into style, which would it be? I like this decade. We are recycling but thats cool...we are sampling from all my favorite decades

What do your friends say to you about your clothes, hair or accessories? "Ooooh girl, thats soo cute, where'd u get that? That looks nice on are the only girl i know that can pull that off without it looking tacky"
"How weird"
"Why are you wearing 3 belts at a time, are you looney?"
"I never knew green and purple and blue could look so great together"

How would you describe your clothing tastes?
Sexy, sultry and eye catching and often casual.

Would you describe yourself as trendy?
I like to consider myself an individual when it comes to style, but i wont lie...i am a tad bit trendy...everyone tends to are kinda forced to be when you go to the mall and all you can find is what's in style, hence trendy. You just gotta individualize it to establish your signature style.

What season of the year is your favorite in respect to your style? Fall season. Contrary to popular belief *haha* i am a conservative dresser...i dont prefer summer because it's like you are all out there and i feel very vulnerable and a tad bit self conscious when i am wearing shorts...its like "hey look at me, i am almost naked". I dont like winter either because its hard being "sexy" when you have to wear 12 layers of clothing...So i like fall...or can be sexy, but sultry with it

Which stylish celebrity would be your ideal date? Usher. His style sense is awesome. He's not afraid to do things others arent familiar with with his style. Like the leather arm bands, the ropes, the shirt clippers...its hot and he looks very sexy in it.

What is the first thing that you see when you look into your closet? I see a whole bunch of red (my favorite color) shirts, and then hella blue jeans.

What was the last addition to your wardrobe?
A very sexy pair of Miss Sixty Jeans, a vondutch hat from a friend, more baseball hats.

What is/are your favorite article(s) of clothing?
I love tops and accesories (belts, arm bands, earrings etc)

On average, how much time do you spend getting ready? On average...uhhmmm...i'd say 30 minutes. Except i have a hot special date, then i have to make sure everything is right so i wont be intimidated by the guy in any way...i spend an hour.

What are the top factors that come in to play when you decide how you're going to dress?
The weather. Where i am going. The crowd.

What kind of perfume(s) or colognes are you most likely to wear? OMG. I am a HUGE fan of scents. I love perfumes, i love smelling good (who doesnt?).
You are most likely to catch me in Issey Miyake, Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani by Giorgio Armani, Lucky You by Lucky Brand, Amarige by Givenchy, Romace by Ralph Lauren, Very Sexy by Victorias Secrets, Burberry Weekend by Burberry London, Red Jeans by Versace and countless others. I dont have a signature scent. Whichever one i grab and spray on is my signature scent for the day

What type of shoes expresses your personality the best?
Definitely high heels. There was a period in my life that you could put money on the fact that on any given day, any given place, you could find me in a pair of high heels.

How do you usually do your makeup? I certainly prefer the more natural look when it comes to makeup. I never wear foundation and only use powder on special occasions. I love lip glosses especially MAC Lip Glass, Maybelline Diamond Shine and clear glosses. I use very moderate mascara to accentuate my very tiny eyes.

Where would you go for an ideal date? An ideal date will take me to dinner at (Olive Garden, Cheesecake factory or On the Border) first, then a drive, then to either a (video game arcade, a bowling alley or the movies).

You are set up to go on casual double date for Saturday night. What do you plan on wearing?
Casual double date...probably a fitted button shirt, black pants and high heels. I'd prefer Jeans, but if it were people i dont know, i'd wear black pants.

You're on a date with a guy nine inches taller than you. What sort of shoes do you wear? Inches shorter, what do you wear?
A guy that is nine inches than me is perfect I am a huge sucker for tall men. Nine inches over me will be 6'4. I'd wear the regualr heels.
When the guy is shorter...eeerr, do you mean 9 inches shorter? LOL....there wont be a date. J/K. 9 inches shorter is a lot ma. I havent dated anyone shorter than me, but i am gussing i'd try to wear some dressy flats *shrugs* but i hate flats



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