When you hear the word 'style' what comes to mind? Well my very good friend that lives in Maryland is the first thing that comes to mind and he's a really cool guy and his nickname is Styles but Wait, oops Sorry, when I hear the word style, personality and mood comes in mind.

How important would you say having a distinct style is? Having a distinct style is more like a signature, more like when you see me u know it's me kinda way. I feel it's very important to have a unique distinct style.

How much of Nigerian culture would you say you incorporate into your basic style? Due to the fact that I lived in Nigeria half of my life, I'll say at least half of my basic style has something of some sort to do with my culture. For example, I definitely wouldn't wear a pink shirt on a red pair of pants; it's just not of my culture. You know you have to match every single outfit or coordinate in some way to look good.

How would you describe how much you spend on clothing, accessories, grooming, and other items that you incorporate to get your style? I'll say average; don't see the point in overspending on clothing, accessories and stuff. I mean the same design Versace got in the stores, I can get 'em at Von Dutch

What are influences on your general style? Mood

Do you have any fashions 'secrets' or tips that you apply to your self? What is it? Make sure you take a shower and your hair has to be on point.

State a quote that you think describes or applies to your general style? "Wear what you feel and let it show your mood"

What kind of music do you listen to? All genres of music, Fuji, Rap, R&B, more Fuji.

If you got to pick ONE decade you'd like to go back into style, which would it be? I'll have to say the 70's. Would love to try those bell bottoms without looking stupid.

When it comes to your style, how do you want others to perceive you? I'll love for folks to perceive my dress sense as Unique, different and also as a way to know what kind of mood am in.

You arrive at a party and notice that you are very overdressed or underdressed. How do you handle this situation? Well before I head out to a party, I see how over or underdressed my friends are. If my friends are overdressed then I try to match 'em because I don't want all the chicks flocking to them and just fashiing me on the side but if they are underdressed, then guess what, I get all the women

How often do you dress in traditional Nigerian attires? I try to wear my Aso Ofi and Aso Oke during the summer at least twice since I didn't get the attires to decorate my wardrobe.

It's almost summer and you need some new clothes. Where do you buy your new outfit? I wait for my mother to come take me to Target, Conway or Kmart. Seriously I go downtown to the Mall and pick up a few cheap T shirts and call my concubines to go shop for me.

What is/are your favorite article(s) of clothing? My GAP hat

If you weren't on a student's budget, what would you buy? Some Thomas Pink Shirt.

I dig your new pants. I absolutely love your style. What pants were you most likely to be wearing? My Tommy Hilfiger Boxers.

On average, how much time do you spend getting ready? 30 mins after spending 2 mins in the shower.

What are the top factors that come in to play when you decide how you're going to dress?
Ocassion, Mood, Crew.

What kind of perfume(s) or colognes are you most likely to wear? Black Kenneth Cole, Versace Blue.

How do you usually wear your hair? Bald.

Where would you go for an ideal date? The Park.

You are set up to go on casual double date for Saturday night. What do you plan on wearing? Slacks and a dressy Shirt.



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