When you hear the word 'style' what comes to mind? Me.…like designers, Armani, Dolce and Gabana, Versace and also non famous like john Varvatos...but good clothes that fit in general.

How important would you say having a distinct style is? is very important.... clothes say everything about you and also CAN give u the confidence u lack.

How much of Nigerian culture would you say you incorporate into your basic style? a little...depending on where I'm going...but mos def not every day.

How would you describe how much you spend on clothing, accessories, grooming, and other items that you incorporate to get your style? lol...a lot ..I spend a lot of money on clothes b/c quality lasts longer.

What are influences on your general style? mainly European...nice dress shirts, shoes, coats, classic appearance.

Do you have any fashions 'secrets' or tips that you apply to your self? What is it? My friend told me to wash my face twice a day with 2 things: a face scrub and face wash.
Tea tree oil for spots and bumps...yo that shit is amazing body shop...face stuff
and if your clothes too tight...u should not wear it…fat rolls are out.

State a quote that you think describes or applies to your general style? simply classic!

What kind of music do you listen to? R&B, rap, and Hip hop mainly but I have an open mind and even like some country songs... there are a lot of nice songs out there...some even country

If you got to pick ONE decade you'd like to go back into style, which would it be? mos def the 80's...inspires the fashion of today.

When it comes to your style, how do you want others to perceive you?
Simple yet well defined, and well groomed...a man that is well groomed is always like by y'all men out there take notes....tailored shirt, clean dress pants and white t shirt with blue jeans and a baseball hat...simple yet classic.

Would you describe yourself as trendy? friends are very diverse and I soak a lot from them...I have the hood friends but also have the cafe friends to artsy friends and they all influence me...makes me eclectic and also "trendy".

You arrive at a party and notice that you are very overdressed or underdressed. How do you handle this situation? I tell them that I was coming from a previous occasion, work, or tell them that I have somewhere to be at...if you decide to stay tell them u changed ur mind.

What season of the year is your favorite in respect to your style? Fall: turtlenecks, jackets, all what I really like to wear but I'm also a sucker for a girl in a bathing between summer and fall.

It's almost summer and you need some new clothes. Where do you buy your new outfit? Club Monaco, express, Bloomingdales, Kenneth Cole,'s a hard question.

It's freezing cold outside. The cold is unbearable! You finally get into a warm outfit. What was it? Cream turtleneck, cream dress pants, black 3/4 length jacket, black shoes and a black and white it off with a gray Kangol golf hat.

Which stylish celebrity would be your ideal date? Beyonce Knowles.

What is the first thing that you see when you look into your closet? Clothes everywhere.

What would you say are your favorite colors when it comes to your dressing? Baby blue, black, cream, white.

What is/are your favorite article(s) of clothing? Von Dutch hats, Kenneth Cole jean blazer, Rado watch.

If you weren't on a student's budget, what would you buy? louis vuitton briefcase

On average, how much time do you spend getting ready?
30 mins.

What are the top factors that come in to play when you decide how you're going to dress? Where am I going? How do I feel? Who am I going to meet?

What kind of perfume(s) or colognes are you most likely to wear? Cerruti Image, Marc Jacobs, Leau d Issey, black by Kenneth Cole, Burberry touch

How do you usually wear your hair?
Low cut...fade cut every 2 weeks.

Where would you go for an ideal date?
First sushi bar
2nd Cuban club
3rd her house where the magic happens

You and your friends meet up with some members of the opposite sex at a bar - and decide to hit a karaoke club. What song do you sing? Nothin' even matters: lauryn hill and d'angelo




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