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Hey y'all once again! Welcome to my gallery of NE pals. I'm Afronuts and this is the second round of pic-arts of some of NE's forumites. I've hand picked another set of notable NE forum members.

Actually I refer to this as my 'Pallery' which is a gallery consisting of subjects who are my pals. My selection criterion goes by the level of participation in the forums and availability of pictures of participants.

More of this stuff will be on display on my site soon. Watch out on this page when I give out the info that the site's ready. So lets check out the NE celebrities of this month and don't forget to sign my guestbook on your way out…and that includes those of you appearing in the pictures!

Now for an explanation to the images in horizontal order.

1. Cindy

I called her the naturalette because she got this very natural behavior in the way she interacts and I guess it was clear from her answers to my 21 questions. I actually did two pic arts on Cindy but this one was chosen to be in the spotlight. Cindy is presently as at the time of this pic design the Movies and Music forum moderator
The Pic
We see Cindy thriving in a natural habitat. I put her in this environment because I imagine her to be a person who is quite compatible with nature itself. Cindy is likely to have plush gardens surrounding her in real life.


2. CSC
This chubby cheeked mami could be a mischievous cheeky brat at times but she's lovable. She likes a lot of ruff play and likes teasing a lot…but u still can't help adoring her. (Ahem…I bet she'll accuse me of trying to get her attention again!)
The Pic
One thing I noticed in CSC's pictures is that she has a way of looking different in most of them. So when I got her pics I couldn't fathom which to pick but I guess I preferred this one which I redesigned because she looked kind of sexy and smart. She's crazy about pink…that's why I call her the pinkstress. I placed her in this particular background because it looked like a place that matched her pinkness. Does that make any sense? Hmm…me sef..


3. Hay
We call him the thug poet because of his ability to spit strong powerful words in his lyrics and short poetic diction while representing thug wise (if you know what I mean). Hay has come a long way to carve a niche for himself on NE's Lyrical battles and Poetry forum. His presence can't be ignored. He blazed the trail and when I was told to choose a successor to take over from me as Moderator of that forum, I didn't waste time in choosing him.
The Pic
Hay wrecks havoc with lyrics. So I just had to give a background representing Hay's destruction. We see a destroyed building overgrown with weeds. This picture is simply saying: "See the past havoc Hay has lyrically caused." Geddit?


4. Lampress
She's a sweetheart. You ask me why? Lampress happens to be one of my dear buddies on NE and she's the type who's "clean" (If you know what I mean…gosh how many times have I said that?). She has this way of alternating between a bookish Med student, a funny pidgin totting mami and a she-priest…(she likes the idea of celibacy). I call her sexual lamprey…she's kinda sexy to me and she makes that thought stick to my mind like a lamprey. I got much love for this Mami. She moderates the Introduction Forum.
The Pic
I wish I had a clearer pic of her to redesign. This was all I had and time was running out so I couldn't get to her to send me a clearer pic. But I still like her in this pic though. She has this sweet chubby smile that's adorable…she's a cutie. I put her in a corridor with snowy backgrounds…the pic simply says that Lampress is so cool; as cool as a nice, soft winter breeze.


5. Lolabrown
She's an NE member who's got this amiable personality. She cuts the figure of that nice girl next door who you can rapport easily with. I've never seen her get angry on NE but that's probably because she tends to stay out of trouble and away from trouble makers.
The Pic
Lolabrown's pic looks like that of some street chick with attitude. Yeah…she got poses that paint attitude with a strong expressive get-up but in the middle of this is a cool chick with sweet calmness like the calm lagoon in the picture on the wall behind her. She's sweet looking…that's how I got to name her Brown sugar à she's Lolabrown and she's the sugar that sweetens this picture!


6. Mekus
One of NE's most unforgettable funny guys. He's full of flavor and really got jokes. He flirts with NE ladies in such entertaining ways you wonder what he'll be like with a real girlfriend. Mekus is a soldier with the US army (or is it Marines?) and its amazing to see that he has a very funny and cool side. I really respect the way he dishes out his brand of humor.
The Pic
I'd like to note that this brother was one of the many soldiers that were dispatched to fight in the US/Iraq war in bid to oust Saddam Hussein. This pic depicts a relaxed Mekus in the background of the now calm Iraqi desert where he was once involved in combat. The sun now shines nicely where this gallant soldier at one time fought to liberate Iraq. Amazingly…Mekus was still posting on NE forums while still at the battlefront making use of internet connected computers in some places in Iraq…aint that cool?


7. Vince
NE's foremost scriptwriter whose play Bittersweet (which first appeared on NE forums with members used as cast) will soon be produced as a movie by a movie outfit affiliated to NE. He cuts out as one of NE's intelligent and analytic minds; you just can't find anything nasty about him. He handles things with such cool maturity. He happens to have come from the same Alma matter as me, though he's years my senior. I owe my being on NE to Vince. It was he who introduced me to this forum which has allowed me to make impact with my creativity. (I hate it when talents go to waste! Thank goodness Vince and I are not letting our talents waste!).
The Pic
I wish I had a clearer pic of Vince…that would have made a better pic. But since my brother is not much of a picture taking man, I had to make do with what I have. That's why you see his pic background having a hazy look to match his hazy pic. But besides that, the background symbolizes hidden imagination harbored in the mind of a writer like Vince. The subconscious part of the mind is where intelligent bits are stored. Hence the faded areas of the trees and woods in the background are subconsciously harboring surprises. Vince is very imaginative in script writing…that's why I named him the Script Maestro.


8. Dudu
If you frequent NE's Lyrical battles forum, you'll imagine Dudu as the boss of Bigleaf…the self acclaimed crew which includes Hay besides others. It's been an imaginative clique on NE but watch out…they might be coming into existence for real. Dudu lives in a world of his own as he is known to dish powerful one liners which one has to read between the lines so many times. He is equally artistically inclined and a stage man in regards to drama. But he is equally poetic and has the habit of dishing humorous one liners.
The Pic
Dudu reminds me of Marvin Gaye in this pic. Don't make the mistake of thinking he is completely a suits man…he also parties in street wear whenever. The background symbolizes the mysterious nature of Dudu…you can see the way the clouds spread across the horizon along as if its heralding the coming of some mystery…the reflection in the waters mirrors the expectation. Dudu's one liners are full of mystery at times…but then he is suited in the pic as if he's representing as the Bigleaf boss.


9. Afronuts
Hmmm…How do I go about explaining myself? Okay you already know me and if you don't, check me out on the NE forums. And after that you still don't know me, check out 'The three minds' on my website as soon as it docks on the web. Well…I'm Afronuts and I'm also known as BlackMaestro. The two names are heavy in meaning. They both symbolize my pride in being a Blackman and a creative one at that. I'll stop there…if you need more info on why I'm called this and why I do stuff the way I do? Check it out on my site when it docks!
The Pic
It's all about the blackness in me…I'm proud of my heritage (its no wonder that I do lyrics in Naija pidgin). I'm in complete black outfit…my shades are even black to accentuate my blackness. Hmmm…I feel like a 'man in black' - galaxy defender…yeah right! Something else I can say about the pic is that it kinda looks like the pic on an album or CD.

To have your picture in the Pallery you can join the forum and send me a Private message.



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