It feels good to be a celebrity but there's always a price to pay, like people normally say "a gold fish has no hidden place", this is indeed true.
They are bold and beautiful, rich and famouse, not only that but also blessed with a great sense. These Nigerians, you can't stop talking about, they keep making headlines of magazines, both nationally and internationally, emerged in one controversy or the other. Come along with us to savor the world of these controversial Nigerians;

Chris oyakilhome; Handsome father of two, founder of Christ embassy is one man that just cant keep away from controversies. Even though he's a man of God and tries as much as possible to keep away from he's controversial lifestyle,he`s never able to.
It all started when ugly rumors started making the rounds that his miracle are false which he completely denied .Followed by his association with pastor Joshua of synagogue, and recently this pastor got himself into another controversy, one which may seem too hard a nut to crack ,this time thirty three million naira is involved.

Bianca Ojukwu; Just one encounter and you are completely mesmerized. One time most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Bianca Odinakachukwu Ojukwu is such an enchanter. Courteous, friendly and still as beautiful as ever, the now mother of three has been getting involved in controversies since she emerged as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 1989,her reign was a very controversial one, to the extent that she was dethroned, her crown was then given to Regin Askia who was the first runner up.

Regina askia Williams; She shocked many of her colleagues and fans in the movie industry when she privately got married to her African-American husband Rudolph Williams. Whom she met about six month ago before they got married .That was three years ago. But to many of Regina Askia`s friend who attended the wedding, which took place at her VGC home in Lekki, Lagos, that was the kind of stunt, Regina, in her naughty attitude could pull. And why not? Being in the public eye on account of her vocation as an actress and ex-beauty queen, Regina as often times being faced with all manners of publicity attracting situations, that are no less controversial. Some how, even her eventual marriage to her American husband was not spared the stick, as many of her critics soon beat her marriage down to a big failure, due to what happened even before the honeymoon began. But two years after, for Reggie, it's been a tale of good fortunes. First came the birth of Olympia, her second daughter, who was coming ten years after Regina gave birth to Stephanie. Despite all her pre-occupation with setting down into her new role as a wife, mother and business woman, one thing Regina just hasn't lost is her captivating and lovely figure. After almost four years of having relocated to New York with her husband and her new family, many have wondered how Regina has been faring in her marriage, especially with some ugly rumors that made the rounds a while back, that all may not be too well with her marriage to ruddy.

Kanu Nwankwo; Often times described as a humble, gentle and God fearing and also caring, one of the reasons behind is organization, Kanu Heart Foundation which helps children suffering from heart problem. He plays for Arsenal football club in London. Despite his heart problem, this slim built footballer has never been able to keep off one scandal or the other, if its not with his club, its his love life.Kanu has been linked with women such as Agbani Darego ,Regina Askia and many other big girls both in Nigeria and abroad.

Bola Hammed tinubu;
Governor of former and first capital of Nigeria Lagos state. Since his reign as governor of Lagos state Bola Tinubu has been getting involved situations that are no less controversial right from the day he started to rule Lagos state, but that didn't stop him of getting the vote of lagosians.First Bola was said to have forged his school certificate, lots of dirty secret trailed him.

Angela Onyeador; With face you cant forget Angel Onyeador, a patron of arts and culture has mixed with the movers and shakers forever and her beauty gladdens the heart of many, over fifty, one thing this beautiful lady just cant keep away from is her controversial lifestyle .This divorcee has been linked with lots of men in the corridor of power. She was also involved in the miss world controversy which made international headlines, when Stella Obasanjo, wife of the president of Nigeria refused to refund Angela her money which is two hundred thousand pounds.

Stella Obasanjo; Flamboyant wife of the president of Nigeria, Stella Obasanjo is one lady can never stay away from controversies and scandals. Even her participation in the miss world 2002 was not spared, when she was said to have gotten herself involved in a shouting match with Angela Oniyeador over the sun of two hundred thousand pounds. She was also said to be having an affair with Ben Bruce patron of Nigeria Television Authority.


Hmm you are about to read a very funny article. It was on a Christmas eve, year
2002, in Cotonou were I reside, I was out of money and that made everything worse. Things get really dry and bored in this country (Benin, Cotonou).
A friend came to my house, she`s a very funny girl (a Nigerian-Hausa), and no matter how down you are, when she's around, you must laugh. I use to tell her to look for a comedy to feature in. And she really likes adventures, when she's around things always seem to happen, always full of funny ideas. She was also out of money. So we were both out of money I thought. I told her "omo I dey broke o wetin we go do?" She decided we should stroll down to my ex-girlfriend's house, she was a very good friend to my ex,and had tried at many times to settle the problem between us but it wasn't possible for her, let me not go into details about this much cause its my private life. But we (I and my ex) are still very good friends. We got there (to my ex`s house), maybe we would get some dough, but still couldn't scrape anything from her, she's a very stingy girl, ahahahah, let her not read this o, and we left my ex-girlfriend's house after twenty minutes.
She then came up with a very funny idea that I found very stupid, but there was nothing I could do, I was really desperate to get something into my pocket for Christmas. "me I go begin go house o I don tire for all these insult wey peson dey receive sef".She came up with the story of one rich man according to her, who stays in her area, "Dimeji, this guy is loaded!" she exclaimed. I asked if she knows the man personally, but she didn't. Then what are you insinuating" I asked, she then reply, "lets try him". I asked again with great anticipation in my voice, "try what?" I asked, "obtain him" she replied. This is not the first time she will becoming up with such funny ideas, so it didn't surprise me much, but, what she was insinuating was very stupid. I began to think if she's gone insane. "some of my friends told me one day they were just passing in front of his house and branched to tell him to admire his house and he gave them enough money" she added. That gingered me up a little.
We then hustled for some money, to buy some fuel into my car to get to her house. The fuel in the car was so little that it could only take us to her house and not take me back home. At a point I began to think if it could even to us to her house. We then got to her house, I felt a bit better that the car didn't stop on our way to her house. We spent some minutes in her house and even within those minutes, she kept reminding me "Dimeji no forget o, we go still go that place o", she kept reminding till it was time to go to the man's house. My mind was already beating fast, I felt goose bumps on my skin, hmmm that is the sign of fear, I told myself.
I met myself in front of a gate and a beautiful house. We didn't even know the name of the man we are looking for. There were more than seven exotic cars parked outside, ranging from an SLK,BMW,just name it, the cars were parked outside maybe because there was no more space in the compound I thought, I was even ashamed of the my car with all those car parked outside, and I was there with a Volkswagen golf. We met three men at the gate, two men wearing security uniforms and the third one wasn't in uniform. We told them we wanted to see their boss, they asked for his name, but as we didn't know his name we kept telling them we want to see the owner of the house. The man in mufti went in and came out after few seconds, then ushered us into the compound, which was filled with cars, this man must really love cars I thought, my friend was already getting scared as we stood and the compound, looking at the flit of cars. Finally a tall man appeared in front of us, the man is a bit light in complexion, and was putting on a nice smile on his face, that cooled me down a bit. "Je peut vous aidez?"the man asked with a very soft voice, he was speaking French, he meant "can I help you?" but we(I and my friend)both replied in English, the man decided he will prefer to speak French cause he's not really fluent in English. My friend couldn't speak French but I could speak French, I felt like a very big load was placed on me, so I was going to do all the talking and my friend will just stand like a zombie and do nothing. I began to speak to him in French. I told him we were just passing by when we decided to pop in and say Merry christams.He smiled at us, dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out money, hmmm enough money and hmm let me not say how much he gave us. We finally left the place, happy singing in the car. I filled my tank before I went back home.
Then around September 2003 I later found out that, the man who gave us money is the man involved in the ongoing controversy with our president Olusegun Obasanjo, he is the man called TIDJANI ARMANI.





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