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CSC wrote:

Head and Shoulders! Does it really work towards eliminating dandruff?

Serene Replied:

dandruff is caused by dry scalp and nothing more. I should even research on how it should be prevented sef. CSC I'll see what I can come up with but that head and shoulders its worked for some so try it but get a hair cream that methylated

CSC wrote:

How many of you ladies use Mac products? How good are they?

LAMpress Replied:

well absolutely luuuuuuuv their lipcolors.....on a regular day I use their clear lipglass...oh it is's thick and soft....really nice.....I also use their mascara on my regular dayz as lash in black....but I get lazy sometimes when I apply it but when I go to their counters an' I see the ladies with it, I love how their eyelashes are long and separated...even tho' most of the time u can tell their false......for parties I wear the lipliners ( chestnut's my favorite ) and their lipglosses/lipcolors....stays on pretty well not like those 24hr. lipcolors......

I remember when I was a bridesmaid during reunion weekend, I had my make-up done by this dude @ the Mac counter....he was really good but I din' know puttin' on real, actual make-up took so much damn time...1 whole hr.....concealer, foundation, blot powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow setter, 2 eyeshadow colors, lipliner, lipcolor, mascara, dark-eyeshadow on my eyebrows.....then on top of that, all those make-up tools that they use.....lyk damn...I came out lookin' like a doll.....anyway, their products are good

BabyPrincess Replied:

Mac is watering down their make up quality, well I blame Estee Lauder for that, ever since they bought the company over in 1998 it's been changing. but Mac is for those who want the trendy look for the season, with the exception of a few colors and products everything else is trendy... oh and men should thank MAC for the sticky lips that they see on music videos... they started that plastic shine look



::::::Beauty Tips:::::

1. Nneka --Apples are the most widely cultivated fruit in the world – and no wonder: they're delicious, wholesome and wonderfully versatile.

Full of goodness and juiciness, the apple provides only 52 calories per 100g; it has a high fruit sugar content and is a good source of iron, potassium and vitamins. Apples are a fruit bowl basic, a lunch-box essential, the ultimate filling for pies and tarts and a main ingredient for most fruit juices. They're also popular in salads or as accompaniments to pork dishes – and, of course, baked apples make a dreamy winter dessert!

Leading the crop in popularity is the Granny Smith; bright green, glossy and with a slightly greasy skin, this is a favorite for cooking.

The Gala has a red skin, with sweetness and crispiness that make it an excellent eating apple.

The Golden Delicious is an all-rounder apple. This pale green beauty is lovely to eat, perfect to cook with, the belle of the fruit bowl and the queen of the apple tart!

The Fuji is relatively new on our shelves. Its dull red coloring belies its crisp, sweet, juicy flesh that makes it a real pleasure to eat.

2. CSC -- Skin and Make up Top picks ...

For Skincare:

Neutrogena's Blackhead eliminating Daily scrub & Foaming facial cleanser

Olay Cleansing cloths

Queen Helene's Mint julep mask


Maybelline's wetshine diamonds

L'oreal's Glam shine

Revlon Juicy tubes & Lip glide

Covergirl wetslicks

M.A.C studio tech( If ure on a budget Covergirl Aqua smooth makeup shud do)

Neutrogena's Visibly firm eye treatment concealer

Sally Hansen Products get the cake

Maybelline wet shine polish



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