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Alias: Shylaw : Sex: Female: Age range: 21-25

Alias: ODA555 : Sex: Male: Age range: 20-25

Alias: Uche : Sex: Female: Age range: 21- 30

Alias: Romeo : Sex: Male: Age range: 21-27

Alias: Babyprincess: Sex: Female: Age range: 22-28

Alias: Anja: Sex: Female: Age range: 18-26

Alias: Jele: Sex: Female: Age range: 21-25

Shylaw-- Is A Classless Society Possible?, or achievable? or desirable??is it possible for pple to be ;socially' equl..where there's no upper/middle/lower class??wat'd yall think?

ODA555-- I don't think a classless society is possible, right from time there has a always been a division a kind of dermacation if you will between groups of people. If it wasn't good versus evil then it was based on Tribal/national affiliation. The class structure is just a by product of the world economic system. Look at the US economy where a fifth have more money than the rest,now tell me would you be able to afford something like a private yatch for a week to celebrate ure birthday? don't know about you but I cant, Rich people tend to stick to rich people and poor people tend to fit in where they are supposed to fit in. now let me say this,and some might not like it but I want a class system, I like it as it is,I will be honest,I don't make friends with just everyone rich or poor, I am selective because each class structure have certain traits that the exhibit, such as poor people tend to get jealous real quick if they perceive you have more, while rich people tend to be controlling and domineering if they perceive you have less. I support a class structure.

Shylaw-- good points there.. I feel a classless society is utopic and unrealistic. All men cannot be equal,we can only establish stability to a certain degree,not equilibrium. People always look for or need other people to look up to. Imagine a classless society where everyone was socially equal, the question arises:who shall govern who?Who shall put who in check? Even in the Soviet union where attempts were made to create a classless society, the end result was mass poverty and economic depression (plus a group of people were still 'in charge' of making decisions. However, I do not support social class based on race!
The very fact that individuals are different and have different goals in life as well as different ways of achieving these goals, shows that some individuals will literally 'do better than others in the society. Human potentials will be killed in a classless society where everyone is socially conditioned to 'think alike' and 'aim for the same goals'. The upper class lives off services of the lower class and vice versa.

Uche--So you knew the answer all along n' you asked anyways?. A bit rhetorical wouldn't you say?. But yeah, I agree with y'all. It's not possible. Even if it is, someone will find a way to add divisions to the multiplication. hahaha!. And I thot I hated Math!.

ODA555 --When it come to the race thing thats a whole different ball game, how I see it in this country is that the class divide between blacks is higher than it is with whites. There is a lot of disdain for "upittty Negroes", I think that some of the problems with blacks are started by blacks. Something happened in my school,JPMorgan chase came to interview in my school and they were interviewing this girl from ivory coast, and then one of the JPMORGAN people said something real nasty about Africa and Africans such as Africa is a worthless place and Africans are the dreg of the earth, well the girl gave him a piece of her mind but to her dismay JP pulled out from the interview process for our school for that year and she got blamed for it by the Uni officials now bear in mind this is a HBCU.

Romeo-- Not possible at all.......the world is full of haves and have nots. Some people are more hardworking than others and that place them above those who are lazy.... so there is a class difference.

Shylaw-- I cannot say much on that matter cos I dot exactly watahppened... id she say suth rude back? cos it's not wat u say,but how u say it...and yeah,the despise AAs have for Africans cannot be overlooked.. afterall,they think 'we' sold them off Its bad enough that we have our own probs than for our fellow blk pple to behating on one another

Babyprincess-- Umm why would you even want a classless society? I personally think that we need different classes because one big class takes away the diversity we have in this world; besides it reminds me too much of communism. Sure some people will say if everyone was equal there would be less conflict, but I think that's bull. I think competitiveness is innate, we humans will find a way to outshine everyone else. I think in order for people to progress there has to be something they're aiming to reach, and moving to a higher class by working harder or faster or a combination of both will further our progress.

Anja--Talking about classless society ... it would take away motivation. And this is the end of human race. Now. Who knows where we are going ... there has been a big change already ... when we all (human race) lived in Africa. How come people just become intelligent during quite short time? What if there will be another change? And things what motivate us now ... I am just thinking loud.

Jele--I think that society can be redefined in numerous ways, but there will always be a division between the haves and the have not. Many people have tried to create utopia only to encounter disaster upon disaster. I think it would be more possible to raise civilization up to a level where the void separating the two extremes is not as great, so that the lowest lows (homeless. extreme poor) and highest highs (Bill gates etc.) fall out, leaving a system where all is able to survive and even prosper.

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