Sexual Partners

Coordinated by: Abidemi


Alias: Missy Alaukwu: Sex: Female: Age range: 21-25

Alias: BlaqueMon : Sex: Male: Age range: 21-26

Alias: Dumebi: Sex: Male: Age range: 27-33

Alias: Vince : Sex: Male: Age range: 24-29

Alias: Cindy: Sex: Female: Age range: 22-28

Alias: G.B: Sex: Male: Age range: 18-26

Alias: Kamikaze: Sex: Male: Age range: 21-25

Missy Alaukwu-- Would you tell you mate how many sex partners you had? Would you want to know how many he/she had? Is it necessary to know in a relationship? Would it change anything?

BlaqueMon-- It is necessary for me to know how much mileage she's logged on especially if the r/ship is long term. Yes I do have a threshold. If she's done too much plumbing, see yah.. .

Dumebi--What you don't know wouldn't hurt you.

Vince--Did u watch the movie "Don Juan Demarco" with Johnny Depp? Remember that part where he told his beloved how many women he had sex with(1001)?
Remember the reaction of the girl?
Well that will happen to whoever tries it.

Dtee --For curiosity sake....i'd want to know how many he's had.....i don't mind telling mine if he's interested in knowing.....nothing changes.

Vince-- 'Nothing changes',she says.So u think.
Somethings are best left unknown.

Cindy-- this same thing happened few weeks ago with me.
Hell yeah I asked, I wanted to know. Of course I was asked same question......its all good.

Dumebi-- How would you feel if you boyfriend tells you he had done 35 ladies within 4 years of relocating to a new city. Wouldn't you look at him funny?

G.B-- Hopefully you find this out before you get into a relationship with the person. .

Kamikaze--it doesn't matter whatever the other person says is too much ....

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