:::::: Diary of a Law Student:::::


It's really amazing how many times I've forgotten how to spell my own username... "Wrong Username. Try again"...

If there's one thing I know about fashion, it's that you dont necessarily hafta match... Take my outfit today, for instance... Absolutely nothing matches.. not my newsboy cap/jeans/top/shoes/coat/bag....Heehee... I make it work...But I'm rocking it.. I make it have a life of its own... The mismatch gives it a certain quality.. My style's versatile like that...

Just got out Illinois Civ Pro.. I need notes from the last class... today's class included... I wasn't really paying attention today.... Was surfin' the net.. Wireless internet connection has its downside....

earlly October... the year's almost over... and what exactly have I done with myself?

My wardrobe needs an infusion of new fall/winter clothes... That can wait a while though.. I've got clothes coming out the wazoo.. So ix-nay on the buying-clothes-nay for now...

I love my nose stud.. It gives me a certain look... I absopositively love it... Seriously thinking about getting my nipple or nipples pierced.. I think I'll do one first.. see how that works out... then do the other later.. Good idea, yes?

All I know is, I'm moving outta Chicago after graduation... Plans are already in motion...I wanna experience someplace new.. Of course that brings its own bevy of concerns/issues.. But I'll tackle them as they come at me...

Note to self: Email Rebecca A. tomorrow.. update my resume first...

I have a craving for pancakes right now.... Should I satisfy it?

Say yes to the Dixie Chicks..... Let'er Rip... uh huh...

"..Whatchu doing/Nothing...chillin' at the Holiday Inn..."

Did you ever wonder about ... nah, did you ever just wonder?

"Stop drop kaboom/Baby rub on your nipples..."

Haven't showered yet.. I feel icky.. Dove/Mz Sponggy, here I come... welcome me...

"Let the party begin bitch.."

"Bomb ass pussy.. I know you got the bomb bomb pussy.."

Go Cubs..Cubby.. Cubbies..Cu-u-u-u-u-bbies....

I need a dick up inside me... I'm creaming all over myself thinking about the last fuck I had... damn!

Twat... I haven't seen one other than mine in a lil while.... Haven't forgotten what that shit tastes like tho.. mmm mmm yummy...

"Make your mammary glands jiggle..."

English.. how did that whole thing come about... HA!

Independence day party at some place downtown later today.. Should give K. a call and see if she wants to head down together... Absolutely love talking/hanging out with her.. SHEEEeeeeit, i was supposed to call her yesterve.. Umm, Hmm, eek! WIll call her.. riiiiiiiiiight now...

"I wanna see you rock that ass.. rock that ass"

"Twerk it for me.. shorty, twerk it for me".........

Umm, not sure what to wear... Definitely NoT native wear.. like FUCK no... FUUUUUUCCCCK NO...

So, I washed my hair last night.. conditioned... sprayed.. nice...wooheee

Kazaa.. Let's play that song again... 112... Haven't downloaded porn in a milliminute... "Search"...


Oh yea, porn....


Blog this.. blog that.. blog you.. fuckaa!


I talked to this one cool dude today.. he was hella fuckin' cool.. I'm calling him again tonite... Noice..

I feel pretty.. Ohh so pretty.. I feel pretty and [something] tonight... **dont worry about me, I'm just singing**

My hair's growing out. I might need a haircut pretty soon. But let's see how it looks like. Gosh, I'm loving this 'do. I've actually talked to one asswipe who thought my hair was not on point. Like, what exactly the fuck! The moron hasn't even seen the hair in person. He's going off pictures he's seen. This shit looks mucho better in real life. It's the shizzznaaait. There I said it. Heh.

Mom. Get off my case. I really dont want to have to insult you because I usually feel bad after I do. So ease off and stay the fuck away. Far the fuck away. Dont talk to me for a couple days. Give me a chance to cool off and come to things on my own terms. Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you. Dont make me tell you about yourself.

I am so horny, this shit aint even funny. Celibacy is a deep-twatted saggy-breasted mean-ass fadafukka.. Like damn. I feel like I might cave given the right temptation. I'm doing such a good, but not easy, job of resisting temptation right now. But I'm afraid that given the ohsoright one, my resolve might weaken. That's the honest truth and, trust me, I'm not so happy knowing that. Dang.

Gosh, she is so pretty. I'm seating a few rows away from this beautiful chick. She is pretty. There's something about her face. Her body's on point too. I love appreciating beautiful things, especially beautiful women. I wish i could go up to her and tell her that I think she's absolutely gorgeous. But I'm sure she already knows that. So so pretty. Her smile is so perfect, yo. I love the way that shirt looks on her. It's a white cotton shirt. Ha, you know what I just realized, she's sitting there --doing whatever the fuck's she's doing -- she has no idea I'm writing about her.. Ha.. Stalker tendencies.. HEh.

So my class got cancelled tonight. Basically, I hauled ass here for no damn reason. Casciato, you suck and you rock at the same fuckin' time. I should go home soon. I'll surf the web a lil' bit longer. Useless shit waiting for me at home.

Anyone up for a couple bottles of Heineken?

So, i finally got the maintenance haircut.. Fuck growing this shit out.. Wasn't working out.. I mean, the whole point of me cutting my hair again in the first place was 'coz I got tired of having long hair.. So off it went yesterday... I cut it even shorter.. Catdamn, I look like a dude.. But a pretty ass dude. Heh... I've been getting compliments... Good good... Kinna like a model look.. With my round face and all.. Or is it oval face... Whatever.. Don't matter... Bottom line: it looks good... Clap for moi... Hmmn...

I just had some pretzels, a lil bag of Famous Amos cookies and a glass of Coke... gatdamn Sodium in that coke... Wont help my bloating none.... Yup, bloating's started again... Damn period's gon' be here anytime soon... Shitfuckhell, my body is weird.. like, what the fuck.. A few days before I start bleeding profusely from my twat, I bloat up.. Any little thing I eat makes my tummy swell up like a fuckin beach ball.. I'll look almost 3 months preggie... UGGH!.. Grrrr... but that's what Premsyn PMS is there for... Work, pills, work!

Get to hang out with D. later today... Was supposed to do that yesterday, but getting that haircut took me longer than expected... According to him, he cooked... So that means, I'll be eating some proper food tonight.. .La-dee-dah.. He's a cool ass dude... Looking forward to clowning with him tonight...

School... Glurr... seems like I've had either some quiz or major exam every week for the past 5 weeks.. Good thing I'm acing alla them classes... Good shit... I'm smart.. heh.. I know it.. And you damn sure should know it too.. But wait a sec, FUCK! I have a paper due on the 27th.. yes, of this month.. Marital Diss... fuck it all to hell.. Have I even picked a topic yet... I think I did.. Just need to remember it... EEk! Gotta start researching soon... How much you wanna bet, I'll be in school overnight a day before that shit is due tryna finish it up... buck-fifty?....

Oooooooo... saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre last night.. Went to the midnight show with K... Catdamn! I loved that movie.. I wouldn't say it was scary.. I love scary movies.. I KNOW scary movies...and that movie definitely was not scary... More like, it was filled with suspensful scenes that are guranteed to make you JUMP! fuck mehn... Noice noice.. hellafriggin' noice... Me liked...

Where ma cellie at? Huh?

U.'s gone.. outta my world... Bye bye bye...


Let me get to cracking on this Secured Transactions nonsense... ACC 555 midterm coming right up... Be prepared.. Yes, yes, I'll be...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Maroon 5... "Harder to Breathe" is the shit... One of ma new cuts.. Best believe... Appreciate it, muthafuckas...

Ha.. Jes burped...Let out a silent fart too.. HA! Damn, i feel bloated...


Is it Sunday yet? Like Duh!

Laughingmyassoff... he said his shit takes like lemonade... Catdamn, that boy is nuts... Heh.... He needs to be shook.. i told him that...

Just in case, you wanted to know **FART**, I'm wearing a denim jacket... You did want to know, din' ya?

Ik. said my inner child is crying to be loved... that got me crackingthehellup! I hope he was kiddin'... Maybe.. Hopefully.. I aint crying to be loved none.. No sirree Bobola.. nuh uh... HELLS NAW! **deep in thought** -- not really..

Remind me to call O. later today.. Hafta... Jes hafta.. Say hi and wussup and all that good schitt...

Say Abracadabra 1000 times.. real fast... Double dare...


**Burp**.... Umm, Coke, it's enough already.. Enough!

It's 1.44pm.... Lets get cracking on some o' those assignments.. shall we? Me first.... You next....

BurpFartCough... ciao.....


So, umm, 'twas Monday... school time.. beginning of a new school week..

Speaking of...

.....school...dang mehn... it's great being a senior...Final year.. couple more months till graduation... May 16, 2004.. 05/16/2004.... Exact graduation date... Civic Opera House: guaranteed location... This bish cant wait... Finally.. the day I get to walk across that stage and accept that friggin' diploma.... Then I get to come back in June and graduate from graduate business school.. Rock on, bish!

Right now, i can't say that I'm coasting.. 3rd year's supposed to be the easiest.. It is, but yet it isn't.. I've got work to do, but I wait until the last possible moment to do 'em... That's jes for my law classes though... My MBA classes keep me on my feet.... I have a midterm tomorrow that I need to finish studying for...

Can't believe we're in the 10th week of school though.. Seems like we just started yesterday... Well, not technically, yesterday... but you know what I mean... Aite, i think I'm getting sleepy.. Or jes tired...

Midway through my write-up, I lost the inspiration to blog...

Hmmn.. jes got a call from D.. he tried to play a prank on me... It worked... Crazy ass dude... He makes fun of the way I say "noice".. Not "nice", but "noice"...

So, umm, I'm supposed to be helping out with this Advocate nonsense, but I dont feel like it.. It doesn't feel like 1st year or even 2nd year. It was so much fun doing this shit during my first 2 years here. It's not that I feel too big to do it now... certainly not that.. never that.. It's just that I've done this for a while, so I'm kinna sorta tired of doing it right now. I'll leave it to the 1Ls and 2Ls to handle it. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. Let's leave it that way. I'm not in the mood to explain... However, I will say this, Advocates are a group of law students that volunteer to help the school out at open houses.. We've got all these prospective students who visit the school on a Saturday to listen to us gush about how great law school is, and how much greater OUR law school is.. We try our darnedest to get them to think about coming to our school. We take 'em on a tour of the school ( highlights: computer lab, library and courtroom)... Fuck.. I thought I said I wasn't going to really explain... Blast it all to Tartarus... I jes fuckin' explained it all.... HA! Look at all those 1Ls go.. Damn, did I look that naive and fresh first year... I find it hard to believe... But I betcha I prolly did.. I most certainly prolly did.. Hahaha... Those 2nd years dont look any better... Naive muthafuckaas... Not to worry.. They'll learn.... Learn learn learn .....

So someone now explain to me why I fuckin' hauled ass here at 8 in the morning, donned this ridiculous blue Advocate polo shirt on a Saturday... Huh? I coulda slept an hour or two more... I dont think I'm going to sign up for any more open houses... I'm too "old" for alla this... Glurrrr...

Umm, I've been farting since last night.. not jes any regular ole fart.. but venomous muthafuckaas... Funny thing though, I always like to smell my farts.. Get the fuck outta 'ere... stop making that funny face.. Dont try to tell me that you dont smell your fart every now and then... Well then... Seriously though, this shit better stop..

This Ukranian bastard sitting next to me better not try to talk to me... Obnoxious good-looking old fart.. I'm not talking about flirting or anything but just plain talking.. He likes to talk.. I think he's one of those idiots that loves to listen to themselves speak... The hell.. Get away from me with that shit.. Nonsense... He's drinking some shit and the bottle's open and not too far away from me.. I can smell the shit... Hold on a sec.. Lemme see if I can get the name of the potion he's downing.... It's called Lowfat Kefir.. Made by Lifeway.. Apparently, grade A shit... Blueberry flavor, it seems... Damn, that shit has a pungent odor.. Eek, I just farted again... Hopefully, the toxic fumes from my fart will provide a temporary reprieve from the smell wafting from that bottle.. Catdamn, it's a big ass bottle too.... He must really like that shit, huh? Umm, right now, he's on his phone... speaking Ukranian.. As much as I dont like to have him talk to me, I will readily admit it's nice listening to him talk on the phone... Don't read anything into that you fuckaas.. I just enjoy listening to people speak foreign languages... Foreign languages intrigue me.. Bluuuh...

So this chick jes came in and paid her dues for BLSA.... being the Treasurer and all, I duly collected her check from her... She seems like a sweet chick and all, but she has GAT to get better braids mehn.. right now, she has those chunky fat ass braids in her hair.. Whoever did her hair did a half-ass shoddy job of it.. Dang, sistah gurl. get you some better braids next time... FART ALERT... I jes released another toxic one... Damn, that one smelled particularly funky.. Aite aite aite.. enough about my posionous farts... Back to the chick.. I think she's mixed or something.. Yea yea yea.. she's definitetely mixed... Aite, she also had major, I MEAN MAJOR, facial hair.. Doublewhoopin'dang!.... Her upperlips, her cheeks... and she's fair-skinned too, so you can see alla that... She's kinna sorta pretty, but alla that hair is jes UGGGGGGGGGGGGH! Ever heard of waxing or shaving.... Gazooks!

Seems like I have a bit to do today... schoolwork-wise... I'll try my best to get started on it once I'm done here... HAHAHA.. I know I kinna sorta promised not to say anything anymore about farts, but indulge me one more time.. I don't really have much to say except, I just released another silent one... It seems like one in a series.. I expect the rest to start sounding out real soon.. Aite, that one din' stink.. I feel another.. It seems to be building up.. HEh!! 'Twould seem that I like talking about my farts... Hehehehe... **Smiles** Fuck off...

I just took a little break from typing to scratch my shoulder and palm my left tit.. No one saw me, dont worry... **Smiles**

Ukranian jerk just burped.. He's still on the phone.. Don't bother me none.. The more he's on the phone, the less he talks to me... Doesn't help that he's sitting right next to me too.. I really wonder if he can smell any of my farts.. Well, if he can , he better not mention it coz if he does, I'm about to start denying like a fadafukka... OJ Simpson would have nothing on me.. Shooo..

Supposed to see a movie with 2 funny cats later today... Don't know what we seeing yet.. Was planning on seeing Scary Movie 3, but unfortunately I heard it sucked.. We'll see though.. We'll see..

Tired of typing.. Lemme go get started on some work.. I feel more farts coming through...

....ThE HELL!!! some chick jes IM-ed me and said her aunt hurr in Chicago needs some help.. She wants me to dial 911 for her.. She better not be joking... I don't kid around with shit like that.. It so wouldn't be funny... Umm, she just IM-ed me back again and said she wasn't kidding.. Let me go see what this is about right quick.....

Okey dokes, I'm bored of blogging... Submit...


My laptop is kaput and believe you me, I am pissed.. It's been lifeless for about 2 weeks now, and it's most definitely driving me fuckin' bonkers... WHATTHEFUCK! See the problem is I take notes in class with my laptop.. All the notes I've taken all damn semester long are on that bloody laptop.. All the friggin' outlines I've made are on that dratted laptop! I do everything on that BLASTED laptop! Cotdamn, I dont even know how to take notes with a simple paper and pen anymore... It's so bleep-in' hard! Ever since first year, 5 semesters ago, I've been used to clicking away on my fuckin' keyboard.. Now, it refuses to turn on... I wonder if I can still make use of the warranty on that piece o' shit... When i get home tonight, I'll be sure to ask good ole Dad.... I sure have missed playing Spider Soliatire, downloading porn, watching porn, stealing music off Kazaa, and other miscellanous shit... Dang... It sucks... Plus, this is a real critical time in the school semester-- got papers due backtobacktoback... like Glurrrrrr! FUCKIT.. you know what this shit means? It means that I can't work on my papers anytime I want.. I gotta work on it at a school comp.. which means staying overnight in school.. OHno! I mean I already knew I was gon' hafta stay overnight during finals time, but I din' think it was gonna be this early.. What kinna messed up spikedpoleshovedupthebutt shit is this?! I ask all and sundry..... I wanna know... I WANNA!... tell me...

So right at this moment, I'm on MSN IM with some dude I know... So he signs on today with the handle "I don born-again".. If yer reading this, and you're not Nigerian (Naija) or familiar with Nigerian slang, it means "I am now born-again"... well, fuck alla that.. here's a snippet of our convo:

FeminineTomboy says: born again?!!!! yea the fuck right

FeminineTomboy says: you meatpie loffa

i don born-again says: here comes the devil herself oh

FeminineTomboy says: LMAO!

i don born-again says: keep laffing

FeminineTomboy says: **keeps laffin**

i don born-again says: olodo

FeminineTomboy says: ode

i don born-again says: may God bles u too

FeminineTomboy says: CHAWTUP!

FeminineTomboy says: Amen.. Yes God will bless me plentifully

i don born-again says: AMEN

i don born-again says: but u gotta stop all the bad things u do

FeminineTomboy says: Shattap

FeminineTomboy says: i dont do bad things

i don born-again says: yes u do

FeminineTomboy says: no i dont

i don born-again says: yeh rite

FeminineTomboy says: ewu, you want to cry

i don born-again says: i've seen the Lord's goodness so no more crying ma

FeminineTomboy says: LMAO

FeminineTomboy says: you aint right in the head

i don born-again says: u need prayers ma

FeminineTomboy says: i need you pa

FeminineTomboy says: i need you to make me feel good... Monsters Ball style

i don born-again says: no

FeminineTomboy says: yes

i don born-again says: u have the wrong guy

FeminineTomboy says: no i dont

FeminineTomboy says: i want you you you

i don born-again says: i don't want u sha

i don born-again says: i want Jesus

FeminineTomboy says: hotdamn

FeminineTomboy says: see rejection like a morasuckin' fadafukka

FeminineTomboy says: s'okay... i'll take it in stride

i don born-again says: u said u didn't want me last nite

i don born-again says: but God has found me now

FeminineTomboy says: warreva

i don born-again says: pele

i don born-again says: God is good

i don born-again says: he'll deliver u

FeminineTomboy says: you need deliverance more than I do

FeminineTomboy says: liff me to my prayers

i don born-again says: i'm ma brother/sister's keeper

i don born-again says: so i can't leave u alone

FeminineTomboy says: ohno, you must

FeminineTomboy says: i shall now proceed to enter a convent

FeminineTomboy says: dont try to stop me

i don born-again says: c'mon nah

FeminineTomboy says: brb

i don born-again says: read ur bible, pray everyday

i don born-again says: k

FeminineTomboy says: aite

FeminineTomboy says: shorrop

FeminineTomboy says: i shall join the convent

i don born-again says: but why?

FeminineTomboy says: because.. you rejected me.. there's no purpose to being a sinner anymore... I must become a nun

i don born-again says: u can never become a nun unless the Lord touches u

FeminineTomboy says: the Lord will touch me tonite... I will pray very very much tonite

i don born-again says: u really need it

i don born-again says: imma pray for u too

FeminineTomboy says: thank you. my brother

i don born-again says: ur welcome sista

FeminineTomboy says: so what prompted your new found alliance with Christ?

i don born-again says: God is good nah

FeminineTomboy says: Hmmmn

i don born-again says: so sup?

FeminineTomboy says: nada

FeminineTomboy says: now that yer born again, i dont really have much to discuss with you

FeminineTomboy says: so how about YOU tell me wassup in yer life?

i don born-again says: lol

i don born-again says: what do u mean?

i don born-again says: i'm still [blank] nah

FeminineTomboy says: no you aint.. not the Muyiratu I sorta knew

FeminineTomboy says: from now on. Imma be on guard around you

i don born-again says: lol

i don born-again says: na wah oh

FeminineTomboy says: wetin?

i don born-again says: u nah

FeminineTomboy says: lol

FeminineTomboy says: wetin I do?

i don born-again says: ur treating me like an outkast

FeminineTomboy says: HAHA

FeminineTomboy says: you are not an outcast

FeminineTomboy says: I jes dont need a reminder of how messed up my life is... spiritually that is

i don born-again says: i still like u

FeminineTomboy says: good... umm, I like you too

FeminineTomboy says: am i even allowed to say that to you

FeminineTomboy says: ?

i don born-again says: lol

i don born-again says: of course

FeminineTomboy says: okay then...

FeminineTomboy says: you are going to be in my journal

FeminineTomboy says: es giving you a heads up

i don born-again says: mmmmmmmmm

i don born-again says: o lie about me ohg

FeminineTomboy says: ope nope.. I'm typing it right now

FeminineTomboy says: t's jes about our convo today

i don born-again says: hmmmmmmmmm

i don born-again says: k

FeminineTomboy says: aite

i don born-again says: ok i was just joking

i don born-again says: but i loff Jesus

FeminineTomboy says: that wan is yer own palava

FeminineTomboy says: in my eyes, you are now born-again

HAAAAAAA.. he is crazy... aite, we're still talking on MSN... Now we're talking about him hooking me up with his foine-ass sister... I dont know why this nigga be trippin.. I mean, he SHOULD hook me up right... You do agree with me, dontcha?

FeminineTomboy says: come speaking of virile... how far with yer sister nah

i don born-again says: u dey look for trouble sha

FeminineTomboy says: LOL

FeminineTomboy says: you no fit do me nathin'!

i don born-again says: u'll be surprised

i don born-again says: even dudes,

i don born-again says: i no dey let em talk to ma sista

FeminineTomboy says: LOL

FeminineTomboy says: but sha.. i no be dude

FeminineTomboy says: ah be sexxy dudette

FeminineTomboy says: make ah holla at yer fine siseko sista small nah

FeminineTomboy says: abeg

i don born-again says: no thanx

FeminineTomboy says: pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

FeminineTomboy says: pretty please with sugar on top!

i don born-again says: sorry

FeminineTomboy says: why nah?

FeminineTomboy says: you are not very nice

i don born-again says: r u mad?

i don born-again says: i can hook u up with me

i don born-again says: not ma sista

i don born-again says: lai lai

FeminineTomboy says: but na yer sister I want passa

FeminineTomboy says: pass

FeminineTomboy says: dude, you are So not cool mehn

FeminineTomboy says: whish kain cunt block be dis wan

i don born-again says: ur mad

FeminineTomboy says: no i'm not

FeminineTomboy says: you are jes selfish

FeminineTomboy says: selfish mofo like you

i don born-again says: worefa

FeminineTomboy says: i dont like you no more

FeminineTomboy says: jes tell me, how can i get to your sister

FeminineTomboy says: gimme her numba

i don born-again says: u have to kill me first

FeminineTomboy says: LMAO

FeminineTomboy says: please nah,. gimme her catdamn numba

i don born-again says: she no get numba

FeminineTomboy says: yes she do

FeminineTomboy says: stop lying

i don born-again says: i ain't

FeminineTomboy says: yes you are

i don born-again says: no

FeminineTomboy says: i dont like you any more

i don born-again says: mmmmmmmkay

Umm, so what was the point of posting alla that shit... Dont ask me.. I 'ont know... I guess I jes wanted to show that there are some crazy ass people in this here universe... And I'm not one o' them... By the way, the dude thinks I'm sick.. the hell... How dare he... He so doesn't know better...

On a parting note, someone tell me to stay the fuck away from Carbs and Chocolate.... weight-increasing crap..

HA! Guess what I jes did with my left hand while still typing with my right hand (an amazing feat, yes i know) .. I "stole" a pen I saw resting on the adjoining keyboard.. WHAT... quit looking at me like that.. Losers, weepers; Finder = me... it's one of those Paper mate pens.. my fave... HA! And the night has jes started.. I wonder what else I'll find.... a Q-tip maybe....Cross your fingers..





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