Beauty Tips !!
For soft hands, before you go to bed, lavish on the Vaseline and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be incredibly soft by morning.
Do not put your hands on your face because of germs on your hands which can lead to breakouts.
Always wear rubber gloves when you do any cleaning in the house. Cleaning agents dry your hands.
To remove makeup dab a little baby oil on a tissue and swipe across your face!
For tired eyes, squeeze cotton pads out of ice water, place on eyelids and lie down, elevate feet
For oily hair, mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel and shampoo, plus a tablespoon of lemon juice
Brushing your teeth with strawberries naturally whitens the teeth.
To keep your nails in top condition soak them in olive oil for about 10 minutes
Caffeine intake helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Beauty recipes
Banana Facial : 2 medium bananas and honey is optional ----Mash bananas with a fork...dont over mash or it will be too runny. Add honey if desired. Smooth over skin, let sit for 10 minutes, rinse off with cool water.
Soft Skin Lotion: 1 cup dried chamomile, 4 tablespoons honey, 1 cup milk, 8 teaspoons wheat germ-- Steep chamomile in milk for a few hours. Strain, keeping liquid. Add honey and wheat germ to liquid mixture. Blend well. Place in a bottle. Refrigerate any used portions.
Bloating relief : 1 cup boiled water, 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon Combine ingredients and drink while still warm. You can sweeten with a little honey



First rules for beautiful skin is drink lots of water. Eight cups a day gives your skin a wonderful glow. Applying makeup to beautiful skin is very simple. Eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner, foundation, powder, blush, lip liner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick, and lip gloss are the things you will need. Start by gently cleansing or exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin and impurities. Then apply a facial toner and leave to dry then you add your moisturizer. After this process,You are ready to apply foundation using a sponge for an even finish. On top of your foundation you apply powder which adds a glamorous velvety finish while helping to remove the shine of excess perspiration and oil.

Now its time for your blush. Smile or suck in your cheeks to locate the apples of your cheeks. Begin at the center of the apple and apply blush up to the corner of the eye and the temple. Blush should never go below the bottom of your nose, or any closer in than the iris of your eye. Applying blush high on the face makes your eyes sparkle. After applying blush, blend with a dry makeup sponge and do not apply it below the cheekbone. For the lips apply your lipstick then apply a lip liner that is either the same shade as your lipstick or a shade lighter.

Try to avoid black lip liner as it stands out and always make sure you have have no dead skin on your lips before lipstick application. Finish it off with lip gloss for an even shine. Now for the eyes, avoid eye shadow that matches your eyes or clothing. Apply eyeliner before you apply your eye shadow Apply a lighter shade below the eyebrow with a neutral shade in the middle and a darker shade on the eyelids. Blend the three shades in properly. Follow this up with your mascara then add concealer underneath the eyes. Do not add eyebrow pencil unless needed and a straight line and excess will not do. Do not forget too much makeup is always a bad idea.



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