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Yo! wassup y'all!

My name's Afronuts and if you've been here before then I'm no stranger to you. But if you're meeting me for the first time then you're very much welcome to one of my own brands of art.

Sorry I didn't put up cartoons for this issue. I had something else in mind and that's what you're seeing on this page right now.

This is my Photo-Art collection of some of my NE forum pals. The pictures have been re-designed from their original look as you can see. The designs are as a result of certain inspirations or imaginations that stormed my nut head while chillin' in front of my PC. You can get to see this collection and others on my website's "Pallery" section. Did I hear you ask what's my website's address? Teeheehee…well you'll have to chill and watch out for it. It's still under construction at the moment. So…lets check out the NE forum celebrities of the month and don't forget to sign my guestbook on your way out!

Now for an explanation to the images in horizontal order.

Omo Eko
I call him the smooth brutha man. A fella with a penchant for good living. He's cool and the kind of gentleman Ladies will like to hang around. He could wear a serious look but I'll advice y'all not to judge a book by its cover. Omo Eko is a smooth operator who is "sexually colorful" with women. Don't ask me what the hell that means!
The Pic
He stands at the dock gazing into the sunset in the horizon. My imagination sees him just docking his yatch after a cruise over the waters and he relaxes watching the sunset. One different aspect of this pic from the others is that I didn't add paint colors. Rather I merged backgrounds to contrast with Omo Eko's bright look…the result? Omo Eko resplendent in the dark depths of his mind amidst his bright look.


She's a model and has once appeared on NE's front page. She could be mischievous once in a while but she still manages to exude some sort of admirable innocence. Presently the moderator of NE's Model Search forum, Lily has a number of lovely pics that would serve as good subjects in my photo-art.
The pic
Her face and outfit sort of felt like that of some cool chick you'll wanna take for a bike cruise on a Harley Davidson. Her sweet 'pinchumic' look seems to be asking the question; "Can I ride with you?" And the bike waits in the background ready to be mounted by lily and the guy who takes her for the ride


Unique and well outspoken loveable chick. Presently the moderator for the Sex and Romance forum, probably because of her uninhibited ways and openness. Also known as "Laramia", Lawstudent is hard to annoy. Full of crazy camaraderie, she's always in the limelight and you'll definitely love to bug her just like I like tickling her fancy.
The Pic
She's such an independent minded chick so I decided to create her own haven; a club simply called "Laramia", which is actually her own world and where you'll visit and discover what she's all about. She strikes a pose in front of her club; all confident and a proud owner of a rendezvous where everything is done her way.


Nneka The Beautiful
She speaks little at a time…with such smart alacrity and still bombards her short talks with spicy humor. I guess that's one of the things that trip me in NTB. Very witty, brief and concise. I guess it takes a certain kind of intellect to be able to talk briefly yet carry very heavy meaning in so little. She's one of NE's wise chicks.
The Pic
There's something articulately distinguishing about NTB and I felt she reminded me of some refined chick with class who owned a nice crib with lots of plush gardens filled with different kinds of flowers. Her posture cuts that of one relaxed in the garden enjoying the breeze and sweet scents coming from those flowers. That's what Naija folks would call a 'big girl'.


He got jokes and he's got a way with macking the Ladies and at the same time spanking the naughty ones. He's quite fearless and doesn't give a diddlysquat about beefs. And does he have a repertoire of crazy nicknames for everybody. If you can't stand 'yeye' don't step on BT, he'll kick your butt at the same time show you some lovin'.
The Pic
BT relaxes against a tree catching some afternoon breeze, his 4x4 Honda parked in the background with his initials engraved on it as well as personalized on his plate number. I felt his outfit was kind of like the outdoor one; something you wear to the Bball court or just out hanging with friends and the clique. So I made his ride an outdoor type…a rugged 4x4 Honda.

One of the hot dudes on the NE forums. Ladies love him and he just can't get enough of them. He loves them all. A very intelligent fella. One time moderator of the Sex and Romance forum. Intelligent and mischievous, you can never get bored with him. He always got something amusing up his sleeve…sigma brother representing!
The Pic.
Kami stands along a street in deep thought in the serenity of the night and cool glow of the moon. His intelligence made me imagine him as one who carefully thinks before he acts and talks, thus his retrospective look in this picture.


Dziree (Dez)
Despite being a sarcasm specialist on NE forums, she hardly looks anyway sarcastic in her pics. She always has a cute smile to make you doubt her crazy butt-kicking personality on the forums. Several times moderator and still presently the moderator of the General Discussions forum, Dez is one of NE's no nonsense chicks and joke analyst and a.k.a "Miss PM Worthy!"
The Pic.
Dez stands on the patio of what I imagined to be her outside her crib. Her laughing smile is reminiscent of a happy response to a cool environment and weather. She is in a very relaxed mood and it's a mood I felt would fit in rhythm with this kind of environment.

One of the most responsible hardworking chicks I've ever met on NE. She's such a buzz of activity she doesn't seem to have much time to relax. But how she keeps looking good in most of the pics I see despite all that work is still a wonder to me. But I have to say if I got respect for some women, then PT is one of them. Watch out for this chica…she's coming out in a BIG way!
The Pic
I'm seriously in love with PT's look in this pic…I still can't explain why. But she looks every bit like her name indicates. There's just something about that pic that gives her that "royal" look. That's why I had to put her in her own garden beside her mansion named 'PT villa'. A princess needs a palace, doesn't she? And ain't she cute?


Another cool dude on NE who happens to be among the 'Spitfire Crew' on the Lyrical Battles and Poetry forum (which I once moderated). He's debonair in every sense and one of the friendliest guys you could ever come across on NE forums. Richie is such a peaceful fella, you hardly catch him in an argument. He's a real peacemaker.
The Pic
Now when I finished working on this pic I was jealous of the position I put Richie. But what else can I do to suit his polished look in that pic than to place a Porsche with his initial engraved on it next to him? And boy, I know the weather in that pic must be cold but I loved the colors. It was a cool and tactful job merging real photos with paint colors.

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