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Mpress wrote:

Help me..I'm getting braces this summer and I'm kind of nervous and scared. I hear the many different stories and stuff about them. How u can't hardly eat anything for the first couple of days because they hurt, how u have to get them tightened every month, how u can't eat because your are afraid of getting stuff stuck in ur braces.Can someone who's ever had braces before enlighten me with the real facts. What is up with the rubber bands. Help.

Jenni Replied:

I do not remember them being that bad. I ate what i wanted and it only hurt when I would go every month to have then tightented and the rubber bands put on. The rubber bands are not that bad at all. Just make sure you follow all directions as far as wearing the rubber bands if you even have to. Dentists now a days are more advanced to where you rarely will have to wear them. If you do have to wear rubber band they are just small rubber bands that usually go in the back of the mouth to pull gaps together.They do hurt a little so keep advil in your purse at all times and you will be just fine

Temylade wrote:

I am studying in Malaysia and I have a permed hair which keeps turning worse everytime. I retouched it. I will like a salonist or hair advisor to tell me what shampoo or relaxer I can use. I feel embarrassed now. I need a help fast. Thanks

Serene Replied:

The first thing you should know about your hair is its texture and growth rate oh your scalp matters to in knowing whether u should use regular or super relaxers. Then try as much as possible to cut down on your treatments if you've been using hair mousse don't try to use more natural or herbal products I'll recommend soft & beautiful too they have another product that contains aloe vera and stuff that's good too. Oh and if your hair is really soft try to cut down on how often you retouch


::::::Beauty Tips:::::

1. toni--ok yall this is a tip i got that actaully works.. if you want soft kissable lips. when you brush in the morning. brush your lips with a soft toothbrush.. dont scrob it oo just brush it gently. then apply lipgloss or chapstick.. this will remove excess dead skin and the chapstick or lipgloss will keep it moist

2. chichi -- A. Soften your skin by filling a basin with warm water and add the juice of a lemon with one cup oatmeal. Soak feet for ten minutes. While soaking, rub the oatmeal all over your feet to exfoliate. Rinse with warm water.

B. Make a highly effective foot tonic by microwaving a cup of milk, one tablespoon dry mint leaves, one teaspoon rosemary & one teaspoon peppermint extract. Apply the mixture to feet with a clean, dry cloth. Brush off residue and wrap feet in plastic wrap. Wait 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

C. Make your pedicure last twice as long by choosing a metallic polish. These polishes contain minerals that adhere to the nail better, and give off a flattering sheen from any foot.

D. Get rid of corns by soaking your feet in warm salt water. Buff the affected area with a coarse emery board, and then apply a pineapple slice for 5 minutes over the corn. The enzymes will help to further dissolve the corn.

E. Combine 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon poppy seeds and 1 teaspoon baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice. Scrub briskly with a vegetable brush, then rinse thoroughly.



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