A group of Nigerians get together to answer the question:: How long can you bed that is...

Coordinated by: Abidemi


Alias: Pholaby: Sex: Male: Age range: 23-26

Alias:naijabroda: Sex: Male: Age range: 18-22

Alias: kkkkartel: Sex: Male: Age range: 22-27

Alias:damentrux: Sex: Male: Age range: 23-30

Alias:bootycall2001: Sex: Female: Age range: 20-23

Pholaby-- Personally I don’t think making love or having sex should be compared to running a marathon. People at times ask that question. I responded by saying, making love to me is like smoking crack, you’re gonna get a quick hit, but you’ll be back. My personal best was an hour and a half non stop. Three months went by before I had sex again

damentrux-- I always though I could find guys that could beat me to it. Well it looks like I will still be on the lookout. The last runs i laid was some two hours of forplay and one hour of cool passionate sex making...sorry love making

Pholaby--hmm. I hope you didn't get choked up when next you do it again. As for me I had to rest my guts.

naijabroda -- I usually fo foreplay for 30 minutes and sex for about two minutes but for four or five rounds. This equals 10 minuetes of freakiness and pleasure. I take like a twenty minuet break and start all over.

Pholaby--I pity that your fire enstinguisher, if it doesn't take time itself will need a fire extingiusher,if u know what am saying

kkkkartel --You can last as long as want , It's just a matter of technique, stamina & above all , ur partner how much of ur time is she worth ?

bootycall2001--Personally, I dont believe in how long you can last but whether the message was passed in was ur gurl satisfied mind,soul and body? Some women like longer fourplay where they could communicate with the mind...and the soul.....its not just about the body....its goes with emotions of the inner mind too. I prefer for my man to make love to my mind first ..then the body will flow freely...think about it...

Pholaby- I see that you mean. Lenght at times means a lot to an AFRICAN GURL!!! exhibit ur prowes

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