Nigerian Youths Discuss Dating a Smoker!

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Alias: Vince: Sex: Male: Age range: 23-28

Alias: babyprincess : Sex: Female: Age range: 20-25

Alias: Nkorigible: Sex: Female: Age range: 18-21

Alias: LaMpress : Sex: Female: Age range: 19-22

Alias: DDU: Sex: Male: Age range: 24-28

Vince-- Guys, will you have a tight relationship with a female smoker to the extent of marrying and living with her for the rest of your life? Considering that very low percentage of black women and even lower by naija females. Ladies will you do the same?Do male smokers bother you?

babyprincess-- I would never date a smoker much less get in any kind of relationship with them, it's such a turn off, yellowed teeth, yellowed nails, the smell gets in everything, and frankly the money that he's pending buying a pack of cigarettes could be going towards something else like me for example

Nkorigible-- Ireally hate smoking ..the smell of it...and just the whole smoking thing...and i could honestly do without but then I can't really say Ii NEVER would date or marry someone who does..I said it before and ha it did not work out as planned..more than once too I broke my!

babyprincess-- You can if you want to. If you smoke don't even bother tryna spit game, I don't care how fine you are, how rich you are, how many cars you drive, how educated and sexy you are, how Igbo you are... it's a dirty habit and it shows you don't care about your future... abeg just stay ya side before my car starts to smell like cigarette

LaMpress --Nope!...Don't smoke...will never smoke....will never date or marry a guy who smokes.....I won't go back on my word either..You have to quit cold turkey just like that.....not this nicorex patch, 12-step smokers anonymous crap......if they really wanted to, cold turkey is your only option. The worst and dumbest thing I ever did was actually kiss a guy right after he did a blunt and it was so nasty. .It got all in my breath, .never again! like babyprincess said, it just gets all over everything and you have yellow stained teeth, everything gets brittle, hair and nails. I remember I went to a belizian party and .the place was just filled with blunt and cigarette smokers, females and males just hittin' it up. I went home with my hair and clothes smelling for two days. It's ridiculous

DDU --Well just to let you all know., I smoke my malboros everytime I want to..., and Baby that don't mean I don't care about my future.Oh by the way, I don't smell, my house don't neither do my car, but some girl did say kissing me tasted like licking ash tray

Vince--So from all these responses, it is not correct or true the general perception from some quarters that smokers are "sexy" and "cool".

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