::Naija Raised Kid vs America Raised Kid::

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Alias: Maverixz: Sex: Male: Age range: 25-32

Alias: Venice : Sex: Female: Age range: 18-23

Alias: CSC: Sex: Female: Age range: 20-23

Alias: LaMpress : Sex: Female: Age range: 19-22

Alias: Nneka: Sex: Female: Age range: 24-28

Maverixz-- What is the future of the relationship between "raised in America" Naijas and "raised in Nigeria" Naijas? I have found that the vast majority of young adults who grew up in the States plan to stay here in America, maybe even retire. Don't get me wrong, many want to help out in Nigeria, but not many want to live there, for America is the society and environment they have become accustomed to. Being here in the U.S. they loose certain aspects of traditional culture and, just to be honest, family ties. But in exchange, they gain some sort of exposure and insights from the variety of people living here in America. Hence, new values will be accepted and even new families created. Will understanding and acceptance exist between the two groups, given that both stem from the same heritage but may end up writing two separate histories?

LaMpress-- This is soooo true....I know what he's talking about. I was born here and I tell u that I've always thought about what I want to do with my life as I get older as it pertains to my Nigerian culture. Since I was raised here, I always thought to myself why couldn't I have been raised in Naija like my cousins were before coming out here, at least that way I'm exposed more. Don't get me wrong, I'm very culturally bound, I know my culture, I just want 2 dig deeper into it. My parents can't possibly tell me every little thing. .Somethings are probably learned as you grow up and I never got the opportunity to do that .but I do think about the kids I want to have and I'm thinking of sending them there for a few years. At least they'll learn at first sight about everything, .instead of a question-and-answer session that I have with my parents all the time

Venice-- YES THEY WOULD DEFENATELY END UP WRITING TWO SEPERATE STORIES......and I really dont see a lot of understanding between bothgroups but isnt it better to have a taste of both? Well I think so our immediate surrounding does affect us a grate deal. They both have their advantages u know, but most times you worry more about American raised kids .if you look deeply.

CSC-- Venice are you making the comparison between kids raised here and kids raised in Naija?? If you are Please I beg to differ!! doesnt neccesarily matter where u are raised, what matters is the home training you recieve from your parents.. Most of the Kids raised here pretty much have respect for thier elders and a sense of direction because thier parents have instilled it in them!! Infact most of them got sent back to naija to do a lil bit of High school so that they could get a feel of the naija culture.. Then again i feel that u are just placing stereotypes on african american people..Im so sick of naija people trying to bad-mouth african americans..i mean u have ur fair share of NFAS( No future Ambition) but then again there are a lot of hard working african american people!!
I was born and raised in naija but do I plan to go back and Live?? NOPE!! why? Errm..becos i dont feel that there are a lot of opportunities over there for me at this time!! Maybe later later on but Nahh..not anytime soon!
I feel it is good to have the best of both worlds so that while you have your own culture grounded into you, you also have a lot of exposure on the American culture.

Venice --yeah you'r not atall stereotyped against african american children. if you would score these against both kids......there are many other things but i just think these are very basic criteria for raising children values 2.exposure. Are you comparing basic family values of naija kids and the western children? or you'r comparing the exposure wersten kids have against naija kids? now they might be sent back to naija for high school , would you still say that totally raised in states?or should we wonder why they would send them to naija for a while.? other than anything please please the naija raised kid have a strong sence of family value .and that strongly includes extended family respect etc.
lets not even go to our cultures!!!!

Nneka --Thanks Venice. It is all about how you raise your children. How much exposure do they have about their culture? While growing up do they mingle with other Nigerian Children? How often do you take them home to visit their homeland? The reality is that we will write two separate histories

Venice--Thank you too Nneka. How much can our parents really teach us when we live outside our culture? Who are the friends where are the cousins, uncles ,to mention but a few, how much can they instigate in us. Its a wide wide topic

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