:::::::What is your Charm:::::::

Coordinated by: Abidemi


Alias: Vince: Sex: Male: Age range: 25-32

Alias: Mona-Mae: Sex: Female: Age range: 22-28

Alias: Anja: Sex: Female: Age range: 20-26

Alias: Jenfri : Sex: Female: Age range: 23-27

Alias: Serene: Sex: Female: Age range: 19-24

Alias: Elle: Sex: Female: Age range: 20-28

Vince-- What kind of effect does your personality exert on people around you? How do people and animals react to you?

Jenfri-- I get along with pretty much everyone. I am very laid back I think that draws people to me. I keep it real and just tell it like it is. But I always keep peoples feelings in mind. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings. I never try to front what you see is what you are getting

Anja-- Honestly speaking, I don't know, How should I know? How you react? I am more like an observer. Definately, I am not the Queen with a glow around me, I don't pretend to catch masses. It's plus is, I don't have enemies. I have noticed that people trust me. Ah, I might miss something, but ... I think it is enough anyway.

Serene --I get along very well with people and animals. I'm pretty friendly although I try to sense the sort of people I hang around with I love jokes and crack a few too and all in all I'm a shoulder to lean on and I lend my ear when its needed

Elle-- It's different for different people but generally guys at first like me. I have a welcoming smile I've been told, those that are man enough to hang, have become good friends. Others have called me abrasive, etc. Women! let's just say I have maybe five female friends. The rest just wanna hate and can't hang with a woman who is not trifling like them. I love dogs and . They love me back plan to have at least three. I hate cats and I make it known to them and they hate me back. If you are wondering i hiss at them. As per other animals, I dunno and frankly don't care although horses are cool and I've ridden a couple.

Mona-Mae -- I exude warmth, I go out of my way to make people comfortable and when I sit with someone for a few minutes and talk, we end up exchanging phone numbers or addresses. Old people especially fall in love with me, sometimes I think I'm an old person or there's more to it than I really understand. I consciously pray for a good aura and to have the favor of God every where I go. Dogs love me , but I don't know about other animals. I pray for strangers and send out good vibes to them, it's something I just do because I enjoy it.

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