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Stupid (Mr sharp sharp)

Nkem Owoh….Kolo

Okey Bakassi…Dongila

Jide Kosoko…Chief Kakpor

Chichi Amala….Alexandra

Ernest Azuzu…Larry (fake prophet)

Avinaash Bavnani….Rudolph

The movie starts with a double crossing which entails a gang stealing a stolen loot from another unsuspecting gang. It's all serious till we are introduced to the hilarious duo of Kolo and Dongila who are two brothers struggling with poverty and who manage to get entangled in a web of crime when they catch Chief Kakpor red handed, trying to escape being caught by the husband of a married woman he was sleeping with.
The Chief offers to give them a job in compensation for keeping the matter secret and dropping the evidence. Unknown to Kolo and Dongila, they were being roped into a dangerous circle that brought them face to face with nasty characters and occurrences.
They encounter a lot in the hands of the chief and the deadly (sexy?) assistant; Alexandra, who loves poisoning people.

Though the story made sense but there were the usual blunders as many Nigerian movies always have.
First, the title of the movie doesn't in any way fit the whole story. It's the kind of title you'd give to a silly comedy and this movie is not a comedy at all.
There were loose scenes not well tied together and scenes which were unrealistic. For a gang, angry and crazy about loosing N2 million to Kolo and Dongila to let down their guard so easily in way to have let them escape on two occasions is quite unrealistic. The storyline was just too watered down.

The graveyard scene where Kolo and Dongila tried to take money from a coffin seems to be the only thing (though unrealistic) that lived up to the name of the film; a corpse rising from the coffin to demand why they want his money…how stupid can you get?

I'm not sure if it the make-up was too much or it was intentional…or rather that's how her skin looks but Chichi Amala's face looked horrible with those purple cheek patches.

But I'll say the Characters lived up to their roles.
Nkem Owoh and Okey Bakassi were the major spice of the movie and were so good in their hilarious delivery that the tragic end of the film would make you laugh rather than cry.

Chichi Amala was convincing as the deadly Alex who loved to deceive and poison people who stood in her way. Her kissing scene with Bavnani was so serious, I'm sure she lost touch with make-believe and drifted into reality.

Jide Kosoko has always had that animated touch in his acting. He didn't do badly as a villain either.

Lesson to be learnt in the movie…the law of karma always catches with every greedy, thieving and conniving individual.

Rating * * * ------- Watchable

* * * * *------- Can we watch it again?
* * * * ------- Grab some popcorn!
* * * ------- Watchable
* * ------- I'm feeling sleepy
* ------- A waste of your money!

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