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Another Side of Life (Parts 1 & 2)

Richard Mofe Damijo

Bimbo Akintola

Patrick Egornu

John Njamah

Ayo Balogun

Nonso Ifediora

Directed By Neville Ossai

A widower who happens to be a born again Christian meets a pretty widow with a dark past. They became friends but the lady is evasive and prevents the relationship from going beyond that. Eventually he asks her out for a date and she falls into a panic. He tries to get her to go out with him by all means and eventually gets her to spill the beans on the reason for her strange behavior. The widower gets to learn that there was something more sinister than he anticipated about her past. She tells him a terrifying secret and he gets to learn that he is treading on dangerous grounds. Before long the evil that had been plaguing her family also descends on his family.

Good casting and a great performance from Bimbo Akintola who plays her character so well. Richard Mofe Damijo's character was not strongly portrayed. Akintola's character seemed to overshadow his. I don't know if that problem came from the script or from Richard.
Patrick Egornu was impressive as 'the messenger'. He was able to bring that strange and sinister appeal to the movie with the witty and smart lines he delivers each time he comes across Akintola's character.
John Njamah's character was more of a comic relief with his naughty wisecracks delivered the usual way you'd expect of him.
Melbar Peter's somnambulism performance was also impressive though at a point it all began to look like a child's play. It got to a point where things that where meant to be terrifying just looked ridiculous.

As usual, we've got enough lapses. Unquestionably the movie attempts to celebrate Christian values but it woefully fails when the widower, who's a born again Christian sleeps with the widow even before walking down the altar, and still finds strength to cast away a demon. That was unrealistic and actually killed the intended good morale the movie wanted to raise. Besides the process of binding such a powerful demon was portrayed as an easy task.
Some scenes in the movie where very unnecessary. It's clear enough that useless long scenes where put in the movie so as to prolong it and make it possible for the movie to have a second part.
The movie ended too abruptly. It was as if the film makers got tired and just decided to end it suddenly. It just isn't possible for things to end suddenly the way they did in the movie.

Lesson learnt from the movie:
Well…it's supposed to be that God's power reigns supreme above all things but that was contaminated by the fact that a Christian still had sex before marriage.

Rating * * * ------- Watchable

* * * * *------- Can we watch it again?
* * * * ------- Grab some popcorn!
* * * ------- Watchable
* * ------- I'm feeling sleepy
* ------- A waste of your money!

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