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Princess of Wealth

Stephanie Okereke
Saint Obi
Muna Obiekwe
Nora Nobert
Ugonna Ogbonna
Directed by Kabat Esosa Egbon

Laura (Okereke) is the daughter of a wealthy politician who has ambitions to succeed in the upcoming elections. Eric (Obiekwe) is the youth corper she meets and falls in love with at a party. Nick (Obi) is her father's bank manager who develops a liking for her.
The story starts with Laura getting married to Nick. Everybody is happy except for Laura; and it's very evident on her face. It's in a chat with her friend, Debbie (Ogbonna), that she begins to relate the whole story and we are taken back into the past.
Laura's world falls like a pack of cards when her happiness is wrecked by a two-timing fiancé and an accidental pregnancy.

I wish I could go on narrating but like all our Nigerian movie producers the producers this movie decided that a part two would be necessary and so the movie ends abruptly when the climax was just beginning to build up. From the looks of it, the part two might contain a lot of time wasting just to fill up space.

Okereke didn't do bad in her portrayal of Laura and I'll say she managed to shine throughout the film. She so outshone the other cast such that if you removed her from the movie, there's nothing left to watch again. In other words, the other characters were not well developed by whoever wrote the script of the movie (Well most Nigerian movies have poorly developed characters so it's not surprising).
I didn't find the casting so satisfactory. Nobert who plays Laura's Mother and Ogbonna who plays Debbie, were somewhat too cosmetic in their acting and some of the extras were just not too convincing. In the end, everything just looked like people were just selected at random to play minors roles that are important.
And before I forget, the title sucks. 'Princess of wealth'? It sounds too unrefined, like a badly done homework. Rather it shows the movie as an unserious job.

The movie is no doubt something the ladies will like as the central character of Laura will no doubt carry them along. But candidly speaking, there's really nothing so spectacular about the movie; it's just like any regular movie you watch and easily forget. To cut the long story short, the movie is okay but its not something I'd add to my collection. (that is if I'll ever have a collection of Nigerian movies!)

Lesson from the movie? I really can't place any…it's too soap-like!

Rating * * *-------------Watchable

* * * * * ----------- Can we watch it again?
* * * * --------------- Grab some popcorn!
* * * ----------------- Watchable
* * -------------------- I'm feeling sleeping
* ---------------------- A waste of your money!

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