Thoughts.. The World Around Me

By Richard O.

It's like having abundant holidays
I'm experiencing the fun in many ways
My mind is here but has also been places
In the duration of about twelve minutes I aim to travel the 7 seas
My head is the pilot, I don't need to pay any fees
You ask "Why not?", its cos I'm a self-made lyricist
I breath, tend to listen and my two eyes have seen
Searchin through my archive, standing tiptoe'd on my two feet
My words are following us on a journey to my lovely city
Lagos, where I could be, but right now my mind can only take me
Places like Ikeja, Ketu, Mushin, Oshodi or Badagry
I feel the suffering, I can only feel, haven't tasted much
The place where water's scarce while we're in the West sippin on scotch
And the government over there's munching away like a greedy bunch
I'm on a 'row' to places like Jamaica, hot sunny weather
Still have memories of the slave trade in the medullar
Since it's our fathers that climbed that suffering ladder
Not to talk of the beginning of the colonial era
But to the Jamaican ladies and gentlemen, they're still our products
We are all one, and the battle with the slave traders, we have won
And just like our beautiful ladies in Africa, no other race can compare to us
I'm taking you travelling to other continents and the cities in 'em
What have I got to show?
The world's now like a totally destroyed emblem
With death and destruction inscribed on every billboard
Who can we blame?
They say "blast the system" but aren't you part of it?
You don't now wanna be ignorant like the Nazis or Milosovic
Blast you first nigga, I ain't going down with you
If you're not happy then you probably should have chosen a leader that'll suit you
I'm not an Indian but I feel part of their sorrow too
The tsunami could've been prevented, well so they say
But look at what was made of that sea that used to be pure blue
Red colors of innocent blood showering the sea shells
Forensic scientists still searching for human clue
Its a shame that I started writing with fun in mind but the end is a tragedy, its all true
I'm signing out cos I don't wanna tiptoe anymore for now
Its really upsetting and also for now this is what mind can allow

Email Richard at beepmeg@hotmail.com

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