Toni's "Song of the Month" is 2face's African Queen... click play to listen

Welcome to Nigerian Entertainment magazine. Your premier online magazine! Since it's founding in 2002 Nigerian Entertainment popularly known as NE has undergone a lot of facelifts and seen a lot of gifted folks. This current issue is a semi-issue dedicated to the month of St Valentine. It will feature three write ups from very artistic writers. It is also an issue meant to prepare you for our upcoming March - April issue.

Our March issue is going to be jam packed with great material. This issue will be dedicated to all the known and unknown Nigerian Artists out there doing their thing. We have a lot of talent coming from Nigeria and my goal for our March issue is to bring forth a lot of appreciation for them all over the world.

My inspiration for this issue comes from people like Ruggedman, who I think is paving the way for quality rap music in Nigeria, his pidgin rhymes keep me wanting more, 2face Idibia, whose African Queen and Right Here songs had me mesmerized enough to want to talk about him to whoever cares to listen, I have lost count of how many times I have replayed the " You know say na your love, I dey always dey think of" line in my head, Eldee of the Trybesmen whose hard work and perseverance I believe should be an inspiration to a lot of up and coming artists out there, his I can do it attitude is very much admired by me, and a lot of other artists who I have heard and appreciated their music. Songs like Jupa Jupa, Mosquito, Catch the vibe, Olufunmi, and most especially songs done in pidgin or some Nigerian dialect leave me with an appreciation for the culture and the beauty of it all. I have had the great opportunity of interacting with some of our artists and they are not only talented but very humble people. Hopefully it stays that way *winks*

What you can expect in the month of march is; revealing interviews with exceptional Nigerian Artists such as RUGGEDMAN, 2FACE IDIBIA, ELDEE OF THE TRYBESMEN, KHAMILEON, articles and images related to music, movies, fashion and loads more. We plan to have a lot of interactivity going on as well, listen to tunes, watch videos, etc. So enjoy our vals month edition and do come back for our talent packed March- April Issue, I guarantee you do not want to miss it. Do not forget to visit our forums to interact with me and other Nigerians and non-Nigerians in Diaspora.


Toni P (PT)






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