MOVIES AND ROMANCE By Katja Schiller; Ogochukwu Adaikpoh

One movie that has had a profound effect on my view of romance is Pretty Woman. For the longest time, I used to think that one day some Richard Gere look-alike would sweep me away into his world of business and high fashion and that he would fall ever so deeply in love with me. Wrong! As much as people say that movies depict real life, I think, some movies just make a mockery of us – our emotions and feelings. They project this delusional sense of things and make us believe that someone would rescue us from our despair and magically turn our lives around and that we will live happily ever after with this ghost. On the flip side, we all want to feel loved and nurtured by someone. So for some people, it helps to maintain this false sense of things that romantic movies tend to portray. But how much of it really is false? If someone thought about it, wrote about it, doesn’t it mean that it actually exists in someone’s head? That it is something real and tangible. Well, here’s what some of your peers had to say. -K

How do movies influence your view on romance?

Movies are unrealistic. They have no effect on my life or my sense of romance.

Daniel F. 25. Male. Software Engineer

In all honesty, the media influences my ideas on what true romance is supposed to be from candles to red roses. Romantic movies sometimes let me think that intimate relationships are supposed to be conducted in a certain fashion. Sometimes, I actually believe and incorporate some of the ideas from movies into my own life.

Kwame D. 21. Male. Student

All lies...Hollywood, Bollywood, Idumota-wood all lie to us. Actually, I take it back, although they usually show a happily ever after end, Idumota-wood shows that love (especially Nigerian love) is hard and takes a lot of work and energy to preserve and strengthen. Recently, I have seen some movies that showed tough love (not necessarily happy endings). I must admit that sometimes the movies mirror (exaggerated view, but true) some traits that I exhibit - horrible nagger, always right, sulkers, what's wrong? - nothing meanwhile I am plotting how to make you pay.. It's like watching yourself and saying "oh my gosh, I do that - I am sorry". It's cool when that happens. As for romance, it’s always glamorous; same ol same ol. Movies show that romance is for those that are prepared to spend the most money. J Really though, there is almost nothing that your partner can do that is original. It has all been done before. People have died for their partners, what can you do to top that?... (what’s that movie - if only with Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Cindy D. 23. Female. Business Development Consultant

Simply "Negative". All that mushy aggravates me. I wish action movies count.

Chibuzo O. 27. Male. Software Developer

Growing up, reinforcements from people around me helped me set a very clear and defined meaning of romance even at a relatively early age. Movies have helped expand my horizon. It is one thing to see romance among your people; movies show you how other cultures court

Ayo. 21. Orlando. Student.

They haven't. Many movies unfortunately have overly romanticized love and relationships and confused love and lust...But they are great escapes from the real world.

Chioma. 21. Los Angeles. Pharmacy Technician/ Instructor/Student

Well... isn't it from TV and from our environment that we get our definitions of good and bad romance? The people around you may give you a great or very vague idea of how romance works... in movies, there is no secret, you witness the whole story. So having the eyes that see the whole of a love story is the way in which movies give you that fictional example... to what degree movies have influenced my views on romance, a lot... I estimate... I am not sure.

Amoin.19 and one half. Pittsburg, CA. Student

It brings back feelings of love and wanting to cuddle, and kiss. The romantic visuals on TV trigger emotions.

Olufunmi. 17. Waco. Residence Hall assistant

I honestly think that movies are for children or let me rephrase that the younger crowd. I don’t find them romantic in anyway what so ever. I don’t feel that sitting in a dark theater not communicating is in anyway romantic. Don’t get me wrong I do like going to the movies with the lady but you can do that any old day of the week!

Freddy Gonzales. 30. San Diego, CA. Medical/ DJ /Promoter

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