Toni Payne

Hello and welcome to Nigerian Entertainment. Our February issue is a very short and sweet issue in honor of St. Valentines Day and Black History Month. This is yet another issue that I am very proud of thanks to NE's one and only creative director Nkay and our writers. You would probably not be enjoying this issue if not for them so feel free to drop them a note. They did a marvelous job in putting it together.

This issue includes interesting topics such as Best and Worst dates ( a must read for anyone who has been on a bad date), What Nigerian Celebrity would you date ( I found this particularly interesting since certain names were not mentioned), and Highs and lows of being African in America ( which I'm sure a lot of folks living in America can relate to) plus many more good reads. So sit back, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!!

Just a reminder, NE is dedicated to promoting up and coming entertainers so if you are one, do not forget to contact us. We love to see new things and are very open to featuring your event, article, poetry, etc. Now sit back and enjoy and do not forget to join our mailing list for up to date information about Nigerian Entertainment.

God Bless and Happy Val's day and Black History Month- Toni Payne

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