Confession is good for the soul. Started by Shakara


Its confession Thursday, oya...e'rybody... line up for your conscience enema's.. come forth and cleanse your souls...

The Exception

I confess I am screwing someone over and he doesn't deserve it.
I confess that I'm not ready for the karma to come back to me
I confess I don't know how to fix it
I confess that I love him


I confess that i am confused


i confess i have a temper problem


I confess i am tired of people who go to naija to marry and after katakata hit fan, dey start calling around to ask wetin make dem do.....
Abeg sought your wahala out and make it work jo!

I confess that sometimes i think about our Culture, in which direction it is heading, how can a woman drive a man to kill himself? Why can't he just replace her instead of killing we have to bury him cus he was too scared to leave. But guess he left in a floating way!

I confess that mine time at home are precious, and i look forward to bolting from office at exactly makes going home a beariful tin.

I confess, am addicted to cartoon more than b4 cus now i have to watch it with my pikin to the point that am watching ELMO AND wah oo! But am loving every minuet of it

I confess that this weather sucks, i need an exotic vacation.

Mr. Smith
I confess Ive been unfriendly to a certain someone on NE. It will change.

I confess to engaging in intercourse with a taken gurl. It shan't happen again.


I confess i've been counting down till friday since monday
i confess i am so blah these days
i confess i so wish i won that damn 340mil lottery
i confess exception needs counseling for been prone to violence

i confess i can't find my glasses and can barely see anything 2 feet away especially at night.


I confess am about to write the Governor wondering how day care is 8 times more expensive than community college.


I confess that I have been "working" today


I confess that i am on to somebody, & he has no clue
I confess that i am in love with life
i confess that i can wait for my 5 days off, so i could have some real fun- just 2 weeks!
I confess that i am happy with myself
i confess that i am confessing!

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