Food, Hair, Fashion. Fashion, Hair, Food. Hair, Food, Fashion. That's what its all about in this issue of our Lifestyle section. Team writer Abisola Atinmo talks with the so so fresh Tosin of Zingara Fashions with pictures to boot; Margaret-Mary and Nkeiruka give you natural hair care advice that your Mother would probably make you stay away from; Lolu spotlights Fashion Designer Hai-Roi; Our youngest writer Ginnie O previews some fashion tips that are so necessary for the '06; We have a profile on the Editor of Nouveau Africana's Ekene Onu, a Lifestyle magazine for 'The New African Woman'; and then we finally get in the kitchen to cook it up in the styles of contributors Micheal, Uche and Elle Diva: Puff Puff, Ugwu Soup, Cornish Hens, Jollof Rice and more. Hungry Much anyone?

Interview with Tosin of Zingara Fashions Fashion Designer Profile: Hai Rou
Nappiest but Happiest Hair Advice Profile of Nouveau Africana's Ekene Onu
El's Kitchen: Naija Style Thanksgiving Women's Fashion for '06
Cooking Recipes: Puff Puff and Ugwu Soup