Why Do Women Have Less Sex? Started by The Blood Baphomet
The Blood Baphomet

Why Do Women Have Less Sex after marriage?


Because some women like less sex.

The Exception

Because the men can't get it up as often as they used to before?

Because they now have the additional full-time job as wife (read housekeeper, washerwoman, cook, secretary etc) and she's tired.
Because her husband pisses her off more often.


Know what? It depends on the woman...
Some folks want more sex cause then they are comfortable with that one spouse...and then for other folks I guess...umm...they are bored of banging the same dude. Who knows these days?

1.Women begin wohwoh after marriage..
2.Her husband go take cue begin kpansh the housegirl or Mamaput interns..
3.She begin feel sexless..


Because the men stop being romantic after marriage...even when u have been dating for a long time the romance is kind of lost...there is no foreplay, they think all they have to do is tap u on your shoulder when they r horny and say "mama kasali open"...hell no!!!!!!!


Clearly men and women are different, but what makes the sex life to change after marriage. am not married, are there any married folks in here that can shed some light to this problem. Having 5 wives is not a solution, its a problem. We aren't talking about pleasing ur self rather maintaining the intimacy that was there in the beginning.

Some think you have sex when you want babies...

It will be quite difficult to be objective about this discussion, because it could be that before marriage, some couples were simply having too much sex, but then when they got married, they developed a normal (manageable) sex lifestyle. But anyway, the truth can be found along these lines: the reason why couples have so much sex before marriage is because their partner is not the only one they are having sex with. So the sexual experience with their partner still retains a little of its novelty. However, when couples marry, they will have only the one sexual partner (for the most part anyways). The natural tendency is that when there is less variety, there needs to be less frequency, to try and maintain some sort of novelty, otherwise, you'll get tired of being with the same person, and that is even more dangerous, as that can lead to irrecoverable loss of desire for your partner. Just imagine you only have one type of food to eat. But instead of pacing yourself between your meals, you'd rather eat frequently, and you have the same thing for breakfast, early lunch, lunch, early dinner, dinner, late night snack etc., you'll soon discover that you begin to have a negative reaction to food, that perhaps you liked before. Too much of something...

I know what might make me loose my sex appetite, even if I am sex starved. It is being annoyed. Maybe I am sensitive, but when a guy has made me feel sad several times, without even knowing it, he doesn't excite me anymore, I can't open. I think women can't control it, their body tells them: he doesn't care, I can't have sex (read child) with him.


Sexual desire is controlled by brain. That is modified by external factors that affect women's mode. That is, the desire could be switched on, increased, decreased or off depending on the mode. At a certain age, some women are not able to produce the chemicals (hormones) that assist them to be in the mode. Estrogen therapy can help some of them. The external factors include finances, emotional stability, tiredness/activity levels, repeating same thing all the time and lack of focus. It is advisable for such women to see doctors or counselors, and to think about other ways of increasing the sparks of love.

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