MOVIE REVIEW : Beyond Belief By Lolu Kushimo

Main Cast

Ben………….Emeka Enyiocha

Johnny….William Uchemba

Nwandu…..Sam Loco Efe

Nkiru……..Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Tim …………Tuvi James

Directed by Anya U. Kalu

The movie definitely does live up to its title because the storyline and occurrences are really beyond belief and unarguably beyond reason and sense too. The story revolves around young Johnny, a teenager who lives a life of crime leading a gang of grown up youths. They hustle and rob to make money of which Johnny send his share to aid his poor family which is headed by an irresponsible drunkard father(Sam Loco).

Johnny suddenly attains the position of a bread winner as a result and all manner of respect is showered on him irrespective of the source of his money.

With his gang, they also engage the services of a false pastor to get things done (unfortunately, there seems to be nothing the pastor seems to be doing except lead a congregation filled with sinfully dressed chicks and dudes who read magazines in church instead of the Bible and dance Makossa to praise worship)

Probably if the movie was a comedy or farce it would have made sense but it was dead serious in the most stupid way.

Apart from Omotola Jalade, William Uchemba, Sam Loco, King Joe Okechukwu, the performance of all the other actors and actresses was wack. Poor casting to crown it all.

As usual, the lightning was poor as well as the sound which was irregular and noisy without any filteration hence too many distracting noises affected the audio clarity.

It was easy for me to conclude that the movie had no script as the dialogues delivered were scattered and unco-ordinated, making the movie look more like an amateur video coverage rather than a movie.

Another lag was the poor crowd control. You could see people who are not in the movie caught within the shot of the movie. And they annoyingly kept looking at the camera making it too obvious that a movie was being shot. This killed the credence and realistic feel.

The movie makers tried to impress viewers with the use incidental flash and camera snap effects to achieve some kind of silly aesthetics which were unnecessary. Unfortunately the silly effects could end up confusing the viewer into thinking the movie was transiting into series of flashbacks.

There were too many unnecessary and prolonged scenes in the movie. It had loose plots that didn’t fit together or make any sense.

For example, how did the police just surface on scene and start shooting at Johnny and his Gang?

The scene that showed the victim of the stolen car in his house lamenting about coming to Nigeria was a useless scene because it had no relevance to the movie.

Another ridiculous scene had an over hyped play on the exchange of a stolen phone for huge sum of money.

Then we have the scene where Tim (Tuvi James) tries to dipose the body of a dead gang member which was sensationally prolonged as if it was of any importance to the theme of the movie.

The Movie ends abruptly with ‘This is just the beginning’ teletyped on screen which tells of the coming of part two. And I definitely wouldn’t want to see the rest of it!



Lesson from the movie: None!


Rating **-----I'm feeling sleepy


*****----- Can we watch it again?

****------ Grab some popcorn!

***------- Watchable

**-------- I’m feeling sleepy.

*--------- A waste of your money!

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