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Senior Writers

Dimeji Alara: Currently writing the ‘New Beginnings’ Series on NE in his self titled Dimeji's Corner.

Enagwolo Ubogu: I'm a Quantitative Analyst by day and a writer when I'm not so lazy.
In addition to writing, I love reading, listening to music and visiting new places. I plan to make a great Nigerian movie when I meet a generous benefactor (and figure out how to make movies).

Lolu Kushimo (Afronuts): One of those multi talented types of humans. It gets confusing at times.

Margaret -Mary Joseph: Art imitates life in this wonderful work by who/whatsoever created her. You gotta luv her!

Nkeiruka Oruche: Last night when I see you inside my best friend motor…oh no…no be so?

Ogochukwu Adaikpoh: a.k.a Soulbrotha a.k.a cooldorksgethotgyals. God is my Life, people are the goal, destiny is found in purpose.


Bisola Atinmo: A walking contradiction is what I is. I could launch a tirade on why I'm so wonderful but I'm not in the mood... So I'll content myself with saying hello.

Chiaka O: Reformed Procastinator, Shoe addict, Lipgloss collector, Sleepaholic, Sweet tooth, Future "Who wants to be a millionaire" player.

Chichi A: I love music, not just any kind...beautiful music. Purses and shoes are my
obsession. I try as much as I can to live my life like it's golden!

Ginnie O: Acting, dancing to hip-hop and African music. Baking, Designing clothing and spending time with friends and family.

Ike E: An engineering student and independent Naija music critic based in Chicago, IL.

Jerry Njoku: I believe Life is all about risk taking whether by professional means or mere emotions, I have arrived where I am today by taking every bulls of life by the horn.

Obinna Orubele: Lives in Atlanta; A Nigerian American R& B artist on the come up...look for me in Lagos this Christmas...trying to break thru in Nigeria and also the states. Still currently finalizing songs and is unsigned at the moment. Feel free to get at me with questions and comments and also suggestions.

Yetunde Taiwo: I'm a goofy event planner who has a thing for entertainment journalism, public relations, graphic designs, and food. I absolutely love meeting people and what better way to get to know them than to ask 21 questions. See you on the Artist Features... *wink*

Photos and Images Contributors

Anneli Navi: I have turned my microphone off to listen every whisper out there. Lets just say... life is beautiful and cruel.

Ola O: Lives in California and is interested in people and places, writing, photography, world music, current affairs and international diplomacy.

Current Issue Contributors

Bassey Ikpi: Def Jam Poet and Writer.

Elle Diva: I can cook most things except for Ogbono.

Micheal Etim: What can I say I am the easy going everyone friend type person. The rest you will have to get to know me to find out. "My future is so bright that I now wear sunglasses" ok maybe not directly, but I do wear sunglasses though. Honest!

Omolara Ladejobi: I am a plane Jane with a flair for poetry. I love literary works and I love writing fiction as well. I currently reside in the States. My current theme I've been focusing on is love and I've still got more poems and more to write. All my poems are inspired by my own personal experiences, straight from the heart.

Uche O. Ajene: A twenty something new African woman in the Diaspora.

Rukus: Rap artist. Poet.
NE Forum Members

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