By Omolara Ladejobi

My Beautiful Stranger

I asked for it
I craved for it
and it came calling
Unexpectedly like the monsoon wind
It came my way

I cloaked myself hoping this wind would blow away
Unexpectedly it circled my being
Captivated my heart without forewarning
I never fathomed it being mine
I told my heart to wait a bit
I told my soul to hold a while
I was disappointed to know
all my requests were to no avail
And now my thoughts are of my stranger

Hot summers days and Cold nights
Daydreaming of the what ifs and the could have beens
My stranger lives.......
My beautiful stranger is constantly on my mind

My lonely heart longs for my stranger
To feel, to hold and much more....
My beautiful stranger
Though my stranger knows not what I feel
I know it speaks a different language
My beautiful stranger!! My beautiful Stranger

Perplexed by these very thoughts
How could I? How can I? Could this be true?
I asked myself why
Why a stranger?
But it is.......

The stranger is mine..

just mine....My beautiful stranger




Elusive Love

Elusive love,
I smell your flowers
Morning glory, Hyacinth, Hibiscus
and all

Elusive love,
I heard you were real.
I searched for you
But it was to no avail

Elusive love
I see your shadow
I turned around and
you were gone in a flash

Elusive love,
I feel you around,
I desperately hoped to see you
Like the gentle breeze,
you blew me a scent of you
Never to hold, only to savor

Each morning I hope to see and
behold the beauty of you.
Like the Morning glory,
you shut me out
when I needed you most.

Elusive Love,
I beckon one simple wish of you,
To visit me once
and I would be fulfilled

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