Portharcourt - remains the greatest, suckaz!

New York - Everything happened here

Washington D.C. - Bush, forests, trees, oil, basically…

Fallujah - War? What is it good for? Yeealreadyknow

Houston - The South owns hip hop..take that!


1. Lagos, Nigeria - This city can be risky but is loads of fun to be in if you know your way around. The people can be down to earth as well. Lagos nightlife can't be beat.

2. Los Angeles, California - Although all the clubs close at 2 AM, Los Angeles has a lot to offer in terms of culture. It's a mixture of nightlife, beautiful beaches, celebrity sightings, great shopping, and it's a 4 hr drive from Las Vegas, now thats hot!.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada - Sin City, need I say more? If you are looking to have lots of unclean fun. Vegas Baby.

4. Rio, Brazil - This city is absolutely beautiful, the women are hot, the men are sexy and the culture is rich.

5. London, England- Yeah London barely made my top 5, since it did, that's that.


Atlanta - Every one from here goes platinum….it's the mecca of black entertainment. Usher, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy, Ying Yang Twins, and more..

Houston - Superbowl, All Star Game, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Future Olympic Consideration, movie filmings, and the largest city in the U.S. Bow Down.

London - The setting of half the movies in 2004-2005, the home of great soccer, great bands, great singers, and great tradition…and a sexy accent as well. This city is quite strapping…

Chicago - With the emergence of Kanye West, Common, and Twista….Chi-town is backkkk and making all kinds of noise in music in 2005.

Toronto - beautiful city, beautiful women, incredibly diverse in ethnicities, types of music, and the hub of Canadian film….watchout for T-dot.


Las Vegas: Like Chuck E. Cheeses for adults.

Harajuku: Anything that gets Gwen Stefani writing a whole song to it, has to be noteworthy.

Abuja: Capital of the 'Happiest People on Earth'. Who could resist?

San Francisco: Home of the most activist and environmentally conscious weirdos. Gotta love it!

Dublin: Is it just me, or is every other Nigerian moving there these days? St. Patrick must be having a free owambe every Friday night.


DC: It's a very sexy city. There's enough eye candy to give you cavities. The sights are a major tourist magnet. The social scene is hot.

New York: 5 things that you can do in NY: a) Hunt for deals on Fashion avenue, 34th Street & Canal street. b) Traipse around Times Square and enjoy the sights and sounds c) Catch a Broadway play d) Or a concert at BB kings e) Party it up at the 40/40 club, Club exit or any of the hot spots in Manhattan.

San Francisco: I love the diversity and open mindedness of the Bay area people.

Lagos : If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. The hustle and bustle is great for an avid people watcher like yours truly. Plus, there's always something to do, places to see and food to eat.

Tokyo: In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big city kinda gal and Tokyo is my kind of city. The scene looks hot, and I'd love to pick up one or 2 fashion tips in Japan's capital.



Hong Kong

New York



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