Ukodo. Maybe I am being nostalgic seeing as I am now in Yankee but there's nothing better than eating a hot steaming bowl of ukodo shortly after a goat/ram/cow has been slaughtered.

The Shawshank Redemption. This is one movie that always amazes me. This story was so fabulous and the twist so great that it's one movie I am sure I would never have thought of.

Yellow Handkerchief. This is a Korean Drama (like a telenovella) that sizzles from start to finish. Excellence in acting and story. Plus the subtitles don't suck!

Black pants. Thin, fat, or in between, nothing is a versatile as a pair of well made, stylish black pants. I know some people might think that jeans fit the bill but it's not every company that allows you to wear jeans on a Monday.

90's R&B. Regardless of my mood, I can always find a song that makes me feel fabulous.


1. Scarface- This has to be the best movie of all time. Al Pacino is a great actor and their wasn't a boring moment in the movie. If you do not know at least one quote from Scarface, then you really suck. I have seen scarface more than 100 times and every time is always like my first.

2. Dus Numbri - Indian movies are quite interesting but this movie stands out for me for some reason. The story line was good, the acting was good, and the music, lovely.

3. K1 Ultimate - Yes, he got me into Fuji music, he has to be the most talented Fuji musician out there with songs like "I cant stop thinking about you" and "Consolidation" he is definitely one of the best artist in the past 50 years.

4. Retro Fashion- Bright colors, MOD desgins, need I say more.

5. Antik Denim Jeans - If you don't have a pair in your closet then you are behind in the world of fashion.


1) Pink.- As in the color. It will always be young, fly and flashy.

2) L'oreal glamshine.-The Lipgloss. Pure sexiness..who needs collagen injections anyway?

3) The Shawshank Redemption-Great Movie!

4) Sexy Stilettos - How can these ever go out of style?

5) The Internet --- Oh the wonders of our dear ol internet. Who knows how many friendships, relationships and marriages we would have missed out on if the internet never existed. Plus, google is a girl's best friend.


How I Do - Res: EVERY track on this album makes the Richter scale of music flips out and do cartwheels. Amazing and classic!!

Hotel Rwanda: if you watched it, you got SHOOK!

Def Jam Poets: Poetry and Spoken word suddenly became not such a dorkish activity anymore.

Chinese/Arabian Slippers: Mommy PLEASSEEEE make it stop!

Global Warming: now that's some scandalous stuff!

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