1) P.Diddy:- Between Giving out His Jacob’s watch to mere mortals and throwing the after party of the after party, I think that Mr. Diddy takes the cake.
2) Tu Face: 5 Reasons why Tuface is a top 5:
a) He’s doing big things on the International tip. Congrats to him for winning that EMA b) He’s Cute. c)His album kicked ass d) I dream of him crooning African queen to me e) His style is sharp.

3) Gwen Stefani: a) She’s Beautiful b) All Her albums rock. c) She diversifies her sound. d) She’s cool with Pharrell and I’m a big social climber, He He. e) Her fashion sense is off the hook.

4) Jill Scott: a) Skinny women are evil anyway. a) She’s REAL b) Her live performances live up to it’s name: LIVE. c) It’s a pity she’s so underrated.

5) Lil Jon: Admit it, his beats are fire. Anything that Lil Jon puts his hands into is always Hot.


George Bush: Whoever knew that the person that pissed off the most people in the world, was also the same one that made them laugh as well. Bathroom break anyone?

“Crazy Frog”: The most ANNOYING piece of crap cartoon character that British kids found to be their best friends and piss the diarrhea out of their class teachers. I mean what is the ding-ding-ding-ding madness about? Damn you Jamster!

Diddy: Aka Papa Diddy Puff Sean Daddy Combs, between mohawks, making bands, and aka alterations…he lost me.

The Beckhams: I mean a whole site, dedicated to being bored of them. Must be that crucial.

419: Yeah they still keeping the spirit alive.


Usher – Great singer, great dancer, great songs, great beats, great entertainer. Period.

Kanye West – He’s a producer first, rapper second, and cocky bastard third…but he backs it up.

Shakira – She’s sexy….she dances…she head bangs…then she’s sexy again. She switches from Spanish to English in her songs and it works. Props.

Will Smith – “Hitch” was successful, his album was surprisingly successful with the singles “Switch” and “Parystarter” as mainstays in the club…his family hosted the BET Awards, and he helped introduce MTV in Africa. Not bad for one year.

2 Face – Nigeria loves him…Africa adores him…props to the man whose single gave love to the entire continent.


Tuface. Dude is repping for the country and his music totally rocks. Doesn’t hurt he’s cute too.

Martha Stewart. Woman comes out of jail with more shows than she did prior to going there. I can’t say that I have actually seen any of her shows but I can’t help but admire her resourcefulness.

Saif Ali Khan. Got locked into the funny, happy-go-lucky loverboy in movies like Dil Chahta Hai and Hum Tum but after showing his range as a totally hot villain in Ek Hasina Thi (late 2004) and an interesting multidimensional character in Parineeta and then hits like Salaam Namaste, the year was definitely his.

R.Kelly. I think the dude completely sucks but he sure did find a way of making his really daft urban opera spread like wild fire. I don’t know why anyone would spend any money on that junk but I still have to give him his props for coming up with a unique product in an already saturated and uncreative industry.

Anna Nicole Smith/Jessica Simpson. As a feminist, I should probably be offended by women making money solely on their bimbo card but I am actually impressed that these twits managed to make a lot of money from things as commonplace and mundane as weightloss and booty shorts.


1. Oprah Winfrey – She has managed to capture the attention of Millions for years. Its like if Oprah says "slap your husband", there will be a million women slapping their husbands. Now thats gangsta.

2. 2face Idibia – He sang African queen and he world loved it. He brought Nigeria the EMA. It almost seems like the guy just cant stop making history. First to win the EMA for Africa, First to be shown on MTV Base, hell Im sure he will be the first Nigerian to perform for Dubya. Hey you never know. Best thing about him, regardless of all the fame he always keeps it real.

3. Elephant Man – I have been to many concerts but none compare to seeing Elephant man on stage. HE is a great entertainer hands down. Knows how to hype the crowd like no one I have ever seen.

4. Eedris Abdul Kareem – Stage presence, of all the Nigerian artist I have seen perform, he is one of the best entertainers on stage.

5.Tyra Banks – For coming up with ANTM and making my Wednesday nights interesting.


Jamie Foxx – For reasons you already know

50 Cent – It leaves a sour taste in the mouth but the man IS everywhere almost literally.

Cast of Laguna Beach – How they got on screen I’ll never know

Common – This was his year

Cast of Desperate housewives – were on almost every magazine cover.

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