1. Razor Phone: a phone that made Cingular not look as crappy a cell phone company after all (although it still is), but when Mariah Carey and ever other movie, TV, music personality is rocking it, how could we argue?
2. Mohawks, MoHumps, MoEagles: Everyone and their adopted cousins either rocked one or two or tried to, in every color, height, shaped, width, gel volume variation imaginable. If you didn't have one, you either knew someone who did, or you dreamt of having one.
3. Golds: Belts, purse, shoes, jewelry. I know we had an article in past issues about getting up in gold…but… when your friend ponders the possibility that gold belts might have been passed out for free at the entrance of the club…or at church maybe? I mean did they come with Happy Meals as well? You have to wonder.
4. NaijaCentric Tees: this market is getting so saturated that I could show Naija pride every day of the week and not even think about rocking a shirt twice.
5. White Tees: I type in my white tee, yup in my white tee.


1) Ethnic jewelry. They look fabulous with all outfits even traditional.
2) Peasant Skirts. They looked hot on people of all sizes.
3) H&M. The true definition of "the look for less."
4) Metallics. When worn well, looked fabulous. I especially loved the embellished bags.
5) Military-inspired jackets.


1. Chinese slippers - I hope they don't transfer over into 2006
2. The return of Ugg - and every other Eskimo boot-like derivative. Y'all need to pay the Eskimos for setting the standard…
3. Dreadlocks - They've been around but exploded this year..
4. Hipsters/Hippies/everything in between - '05 saw the return of the hipster in a MAJOR MAINSTREAM way, its now trendy to wear a s/medium shirt for adude.
5. Mohawks - Diddy didn't start this…


1) Give it up for Large Handbags - You can carry your entire life with you in one of these hot, fashionable accessories
2) Large Shades - Wonderful accessory for hiding your tired eyes from the world or covertly checking out cuties. Plus, you'll be the center of attention anyway.
3) Cowboy boots - I don't care what some people say, these boots are hot. You can tuck them into a sexy pair of jeans or simply wear them underneath your jeans. Any style, they rock.
4) Baby tees- These aint never going out of style. Wear them to a club/party with a good pair of jeans and sexy heels or to class with a pair of converse sneaks, you'll look hot regardless.


1. Message Bracelets - Popularized by lance Armstrong, this bracelet caught on so quickly it was rare to see someone NOT wearing one. Yeah, I have a few of them myself.
2. Indian Slippers - You know those sequined slippers that everyone seemed to be wearing these days? no, not the chinese one, the ones with the pointed toes. They were both stylish and very comfortable.
3. Frankie B Jeans - Only the best cut jeans on the market. I love the fact that its low rise and figure shaping.
4. Antik Denim Jeans- Embroided jeans with lots of intricate detail. A must have for women with style.
5. Dior Lace - The new craze among the "It" women in Nigeria. Dior Lace is very elegant, stylish and glamorous depending on style. It is also surprisingly comfortable because we all know how uncomfy heavy lace can be.


1. Sean John - White, black, hispanic….who doesn't wear this brand or want to?
2. Louis Vuitton - The purses are enough to make this company crack the top 5.
3. Vera Wang - Shoes, shoes, and shoes….I love'm ladies, keep rockin'em.
4. Versace - when you see that spectacular dress with the open back, the too-high slit, or the waistline exposed….know that Versace was behind that.
5. Armani - If you want a suit…men you know who you want making it.

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