Crash – One of the best movies I’ve ever seen at using an all-star cast to cleverly “crash” (I’m so witty, right?) our ideas on morality and racism.

Wedding Crashers – I cried so much in this movie you would’ve sworn it was sad. Vince Vaughn might be the funniest guy in hollywood right now.

Sin City – Unnecessary sex, gory violence, glorified evil. Of course its Tarantino. Of course we love it.

Hitch – I know, I know…it was formulaic, you knew how it was gonna end, and it was released on Valentines day….but something about Will Smith and Eva Mendez had chemistry and made this movie a keeper.

Mr and Mrs. Smith – Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie. Need I say more?


Rent: The hoodest musical you ever did see. And no, its not just about how sexy Rosario Dawson and Taye Diggs are.

Kinsey: Let’s talk about sex? Really?

This America: Who can’t relate with green card wahala…and accents and money problems: the life of an immigrant in the US of A.

Guess Who: Ashton Kutcher and Bernie MAC? Say it ain’t so. Zoe Saldana’s beauty doesn’t hurt either.

The Longest Yard: The most hilarious movie of the year!!


Yeah, right. I’m going to have to remix this and turn it into my Top 5 movies I wish I didn’t/wouldn’t see.

War of the Worlds: Pure, unadulterated trash. Seems like Spielberg is losing his touch. AI is a freaking masterpiece next to this money guzzler. Stupid, repetitive, contrived, senseless, frankly speaking I want the two hours I wasted at the theatre back. Just plain awful.

Paheli: Never saw it… never will, even if it’s India’s Entry for the 2006 Oscars. A story about an unhappy woman who falls in love with a ghost who happens to be the splitting image of her husband? Say what???

Late Marriage: Yeah, it came out in 2001 but I saw it in 2005, okay? Overhyped Israeli movie which actually showed great promise till it fell apart in the end. And to me, sucky endings taint the entire film, so yeah, this sucked.

Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo: Okay, where’s the Candid Camera? Did someone actually invest money in this? Or was it some kind of hoax? Wouldn’t know either way as I didn’t set foot near any theatre that showed it.

Super Love: Okay, I don’t know when this Nigerian movie came out, but I just saw it… okay, I am literally rolling on the floor and laughing my ass off because seriously, Nigerian CINDERELLA? With a prince and everything. For real? No, no, seriously!


Hotel Rwanda – By far 2005’s best movie hands down. Revealing, gripping, saddening and any other adjective you’d like to put on there. The cinematography was excellent, the movie having been filmed and shot in Rwanda itself. Every one needs to see this movie. It is a constant reminder of the brutality and cruelty of humanity.

Star Wars Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) – The grand finale (if they don’t bring any more inbetweens) to the original storyline. People claimed it wasn’t as good as the old ones. Honestly, I look at the old ones and the graphics in the new pretty much make the old look like cakemush…but I digress. I wasn’t really checking for something “deep” or “thought-provoking” or even “philosophical” with this. I just wanted to enjoy some light saber action and I did. A great way to end a movie plus Anakin’s move to the darkside as chronicled in the flick was really moving.

Frank Miller’s “Sin City” – Even though Hollywood this year was obsessed with comic book to movie adaptations, some were just bad (see Elektra) others rose to the ranks of cult classic status. Enter: Sin City. Slick, sleazy, gory everything taken from the stories straight to screen. Cinematography was on point but those who weren’t familiar with the comics got thrown off as the directors intended on ensuring the movie and the comic could not be differentiated.

Kung Fu Hustle – I love Martial Arts movies. Let me say it again..I LOOVE Martial Arts movies! Funny, further comment.

Constantine – Based on the DC Comic book hero, “John Constantine” this movie was a good adaptation and even though it didn’t have every bit of the actual comic book stories was a great mash up, bringing to life John as a real life character (almost). Plus the character fit Keanu Reeves’ abilities.


Diary of a Mad black woman: I experienced a myriad of emotions while watching this movie. There were a few times when I actually rolled my eyes at the sappiness, but all in all, it was a very beautiful and inspirational movie.

Four Brothers: Regardless of what some people had to say about this, I thought the plot was off the chain. Tyrese’s character was absolutely hilarious, I salivated over Mark Wahlberg for the most part and Chiwetel ejiofor’s character was entertainingly evil. A definite go-see.

Crash: I can honestly say that this has been the best movie I’ve seen in 2005. It addresses the typical stereotypes that you and I are guilty of. I mean, now I know not to assume that the Osama bin-laden look-alike sitting next to me on the plane is a potential terrorist, and that the Chinese delivery guy doesn’t understand a word that I say.

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