Karrine Stephens remarking that DMX makes "soft barks" at his moment of…ummm…"arrival".

Sheryl Swoopes comes out of the closet

The Game calls Mya a "bitch" in the song Dreams and she still appears in his video. Mya why?

Prince needs hip replacement for wearing heels…does this statement make anyone else uncomfortable.

Another 60 Minute special on Nigerian scams….or was that just a rerun? Stop it CBS!


1. Star Jones weight loss- One word, EWWWW. She looks like a cross between Yuck and damn what vacuum sucked the rest of her face off. The weight loss does not look good on her because her head looks massive. Not everyone looks good skinny; I just wish more people would realize that.

2. Destiny's Child, Cater 2 U - Now this is the kind of song that makes you say "what where they thinking". How bout you leave it to the men to sing such rubbish. Ok I have to admit I like the song but still, you don't have to let them know we are willing to cater to them. And the line "I Know Whatever I'm Not Fulfilling, Another Woman Is Willing" Bullocks I tell you, pure bullocks.

3. Jennifer Aniston Scorned Woman Card - Yeah yeah yeah, yall are separated and he has a new GF that's hotter than you. GET OVER IT. Now we all know you have a new man too but playing that whole victim role while when you were shagging Vince Vaughn behind the scenes just isn't cool.

4. Carol Ekenem's I'm a babe - This one had me laughing out loud for days. This is a classic example of a woman feeling herself more than she should. We know you are pretty, you really do not have to tell us like 50 times in one interview. Reporter: Hello Carol how was your day? Carol: Im a babe. Reporter: So your next movie, when is it coming out, Carol: I'm a babe, shey you know I'm fine. Reporter: Na the thing we ask you be dat? I said how about your next movie, Carol: ah see this reporter, I am a babe you know, if you do not acknowledge that I am a babe, this interview is over. * She gets up, storms out yelling, "but im a babe, why cant they just admit, Im a babbbbbbbbbbbbbbe" hehehehe ok that did not happen but her recent interview might as well have ended like that. She kept going on about hot she is pretty... like ermm et over yourself. Rrepeating how cute you are over and over and over again like you are trying to put us in a trance so we believe it too, especially in an interview is ermm. TACKY. Its sooo "someone pimp slap this heffa already"

5. Michael Jackson's jurors going back on their word - Ok, yall found him not guilty, so after the fact you now come and say you know he was guilty because you want to sell books. That's just shady. Plus how does that make you look? Stupid! I wouldn't spend a single penny on their books


Tomkat. (Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes) Beards have never looked so boring.

Brangelina. (Brad & Angelina) I wonder what his tattoo will look like… and if he's into the whole blood thing.

Parisick (Paris Hilton and her Sidekick). I still can't believe I didn't get Snoop Dogg's #!


1. Destiny's Child breaking up- ?????

2. Nas & Jay-Z - No more beef…

3. The Media on Katrina images and scenes - black people looting, white people searching…You decide.

4. Dame Dash - Selling stake in Rocawear? Hmmm…

5. T.O's suspension due to complaints about the organization, his QB et al - He just got "keyshawn-ed."


Mariah Carey: sing "Feeling so hot tamale" and we acted like that was a valid song lyric.

Rocky 6. ROCKY, the movie, SIX!!! WHYYYYYY??

Make 25cent sweet bread as big as my fist and macaroons at the bakery down the street from my job…what a quick and cheap way to catch jedi-jedi and cavities, while looking extra FLABulous. I don't know whether to cuss them mofos or thank them profusely while grabbing 3 more 'roons, acting like I'm buying it to share later.

Raise the fair for public transportation around the San Francisco Bay Area by 25c. Shortening funds on my macaroon and bread runs.

Paris Hilton: I really don't have a reason, but I have a feeling she always fits this category by default.


1) Kevin Federline (Britney's S/O) is trying to rap and there are talks of an upcoming album. "Oh no, he didn't"

2) 50cent and Tony Yayo burst out with "F&*% Fat Joe" and a string of obscenities during Yayo's performance at the 2005 BET awards..

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