1. Bayelsa State Governor, Alamieyeseigha jumping bail - Need I say more, not like it wasn't bad enough for the Governor to be arrested for money laundering in another country, but for him to dress as a woman and jump bail is just appalling. Tomake things worse, his people then proceed to welcome him with open arms.

2. Nigerian Actors being banned - Well, if the movie makers are willing to pay them then so be it. If you cannot afford them find a new artist. The whole ban is ridiculous. Naija and sentiments.

3. Eedris and 50cent beef - It was everywhere, everyone had their own version but only the people there know what really happened. All the same it is a scandal worth talking about.

4. Michael Jackson trial - Although we all sat at our TVs hoping for a not guilty verdict, one can't help but wonder if he really did it.

5. Uni Girls and Sugar Daddies - It's very rampant and is probably one of the biggest on going scandals in Naija. Uni girl dating married sugar daddy because he gives her cash. If glorified prostitution isn't a scandal then I don't know what is.


Michael Jackson - Who can argue that even though Michael ended up being acquitted in his trial, it made everybody aware of just how weird his life had become. Little kids, "jesus juice", monkeys, etc. Strange and scandalous.

"Superhead" - You know who Karrine Stephens the self-proclaimed orally-fixated queen of all things sexual. Her tell all book put numerous stars on blast as we found out that Tigger may be switch hitting and Shaq sweats so much that you've gotta flip the mattress. Disgusting.

Brad and Angelina - Don't get it twisted: I never thought Jennifer Aniston was the hottest chick around, but she looked happy with Brad….well Angelina found herself looking good with Brad on the set of "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" and the rest is history. It's the classic case of dump one chick for another. Good stuff Brad, Angelina looks so good that nobody noticed how you went from the all-american girl to a crazy-girl that makes out with her brother.

U.S. Military - from sodomizing and taking scandalous pictures with prisoners of war, to engaging in a senseless war, they have been scandalous for many years now, but they really made their case for 2005.

Nigeria not making the World Cup - no explanation necessary. Scandalous.


Jude Law bonking the nanny while he was engaged to Sienna Miller:- Hey, they say every disappointment Is a blessing right? The Nanny's glowing reviews about Jude's performance in bed has definitely piqued the curiosity of many a red-blooded female.

Karrine Stephans releases her tell-all book, which includes juicy romps with some prominent entertainers.

Terry Mcmillan's soon to be ex-husband announces that he's gay after 6 years of marriage

Paula Abdul & Corey Clark's illicit affair. Hey, If I was in her shoes, I'd probably have done the same thing. He's cute.

Brennifer dies & Brangelina is born. Yes, I'm talking about Brad, Jennifer & Angelina. Not necessarily very scandalous, but it still raised a few eyebrows here and there.


1. Kataine. (Kate Moss & Cocaine). Can't wait to see how much weight she'll gain if rehab is successful.

2. Stella Obasanjo's death. I came up with a bunch of snarky names but since it isn't right to speak ill of the dead, I shall not mention them… even if it is rumored that at almost 60, she died of complications related to plastic surgery.

3. Ala-ole. Bayelsa state governor, Alamieyeseigha, thrown into jail for being daft. I wonder what Bubba did to him there.


R.Kelly suing Jay-Z - "Best of both worlds" turned into "worst of both parts."

50 Cent vs. every other rapper - Wanksta-ness

The Game's "strip show" - Who has this tape?

FEMA (ex-director, Katrina) - Failing Everyone Missing All…pretty much

The Source - and everything that's happened to them this year. Let go 'Zino!


Atiku and Genevieve Nnaji: repeat this 5 times ok…5 more times.

Nigerian "Influentials" getting all types of found out in London. Hmmm.

Tuface and…all his potential wannabe baby mamas…and wives and…the list goes on.

Beauty Shop, the movie. I actually finished watching this whole movie!! Scandalous.

The arrest of a black college professor at SFSU for virtually no reason while his children were waiting the car.


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