“NA YA CHALE – WANLOV” By Margaret-Mary Joseph

Have you ever seen a Romanian eating Kokonte? You’re about to see one whose home lays in the Gold Coast of Africa fondly known as Ghana.

Annansi Clothing Launch 05 - New York - Photo by Mewzik

Take Bob Marley out of Jamaica, birth him in Romania and breed him in Ghana, replace his singing with raps and chants and you have WANLOV – not just because of his looks but the message he presents.

Always representing real hard for the continent of Africa, Mr. Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu lovingly known by close friends as “spooky” but performs as Wanlov (“1 luv”) believes his purpose is “seeking truth and gaining knowledge to share, for improvement of the quality of life for all; peace, progress, & prosperity.

His infectious style of flow and unadulterated talent, charisma and lyrical skill gives props to his influences - Busta Rhymes, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Wyclef Jean, Sizzla, Dead Prez, Common, Blay Ambolley, Mos Def, Canibus, Bahamadia, Reggie Rockstone, & Lauryn Hill. The list is long but the artists are their own special ingredient making the broth that Wanlov is one of a unique taste.

Not only is Wanlov a personal favorite, he performed religiously every Thursday night in the early months of 2005 at “Project Blowed” in Los Angeles’s Leimert Park (an African American cultural hub in LA). “Project Blowed” is one of the most demanding assemblies of underground Hiphop artists on the planet; Wanlov has had several performances there. Unlike many emcees new on the “Project Blowed” scene, the phrase “please pass the mic” was never used to get him off the stage.

He has also been featured in the Spring 2004 issue of “The Ave” Magazine as a trilingual conscious emcee as he is fluent in Twi, English, Romanian, and Pijjin (pidgin) and includes all languages in his music. How can you not love someone who comes up with a chune on seeing a Chinese person eating Kokonte (dried cassava flour), or “Bail Money” brought about by the hardships he went through when he spent a brief period of time at a private holding facility - I.N.S abduction in Laredo, TX for school status reasons?

To learn more about Wanlov, visit www.roarentertainment.com where “all lyons roar” and check out his massive portfolio

Peace and love from your beloved Empress - Margey

Email Margaret at moj2@pitt.edU

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