BLACK INFLUENCE ON MUSIC Interviews by Ogochukwu Adaikpoh
What do you think the Black influence on Music is?

Blacks have had a considerable influence on music. For instance, Lil Richard --> Jimi Hendrix--> Jay Z. We have created all kinds of genres of music and people of all races have been inspired and continue to be inspired by the music that we have created.

Blacks have conquered every aspect of music, rock, classic, rap and the music we have created continues to influence people of all ages and nationalities. So these people create music and music just continues to become more creative and grow in all directions. The Black influence on music is sometimes misinterpreted. For example, people who may just watch BET may think rap is all about sex and drugs. Then these people start to believe black people just talk about sex and drugs and apply that stereotype to ALL black people. On the contrary blacks have much positive influence on music as aforementioned. There are many rappers who talk about improving society or just living life in general.

-Olufunmi. 17. Waco. Residence Hall assistant

Lost is the reality that rock `n' roll was actually born out of the belly of Black blues music and raised by Black artists as far back as the old work songs, sung in the hot southern fields during slavery. Or in the 1950s in smoke-filled clubs along Beale Street in Memphis, to 125th Street in Harlem. Lacking creativity, many White artists "covered" songs Blacks had written years earlier and made it big by copying the performing styles and dress of Black artists.

-Chioma. 21. Los Angeles. Pharmacy Technician/ Instructor/Student

The black influence goes back to the time of slavery, when the African slaves brought over their traditional sounds mostly coming from drums. The basic drum beat that is the back bone to most music came from these people.

-Emilie. SSF. 27. Bartender

Is this an essay contest or something? Makes me think of college applications.
Anyway, how have blacks influenced music? How have any of the other races influenced music? By having their own styles of music exist and be exposed to other styles of music... Afrocuban music is very influenced by African music, which is black (well, I should say by black African music)

-Amoin. 19 and one half. Pittsburg, CA. Student

Blacks have influenced music to be astounding, whether it be good results or bad. I could list a million examples, but that one line alone represents my main answer to this. What is the black influence on music? STereotype of course. All i have to say is what BET depicts real and the artists whether they be soul or rap real?

-James. 20. Fayetteville. Government Postal Worker

Soul! Thats my answer! In my opinion even the so called greatest singers dont have it!

-Freddy Gonzales. 30. San Diego, CA. Medical/ DJ /Promoter


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