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Enagwolo Ubogu: I'm a Quantitative Analyst by day and a writer when I'm not so lazy.
In addition to writing, I love reading, listening to music and visiting new places. I plan to make a great Nigerian movie when I meet a generous benefactor (and figure out how to make movies).

Margaret -Mary Joseph: Art imitates life in this wonderful work by who/whatsoever created her. You gotta luv her!

Nkeiruka Oruche: Last night when I see you inside my best friend motor…oh no…no be so?

Ogochukwu Adaikpoh: a.k.a Soulbrotha a.k.a cooldorksgethotgyals. God is my Life, people are the goal, destiny is found in purpose.

Bisola Atinmo: A walking contradiction is what I is. I could launch a tirade on why I'm so wonderful but I'm not in the mood... So I'll content myself with saying hello.

Obinna Orubele: Lives in Atlanta; A Nigerian American R& B artist on the come up...look for me in Lagos this Christmas...trying to break thru in Nigeria and also the states. Still currently finalizing songs and is unsigned at the moment. Feel free to get at me with questions and comments and also suggestions.

Katja Schiller: Writing has always been therapeutic for me than anything else. I enjoy being able to deliver a message or several messages in different ways and I effortlessly manage to manipulate the English language to fit my mood and taste. I generally write for and to myself. But I also enjoy giving people a glimpse into my perspective on things, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. So grab your binoculars and look through it...let me know what you see


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