Yes! One way or the other we’ve all thought about it. It might have been just a date, a sexual encounter, some even go as far as planning a full-out wedding ceremony: with a celebrity. So we decided we would give the chance to share the ideal celebrity date. Although Tuface Idibia was the popular female favorite. There were definitely some very interesting Naija Celebrity picks.

NE asked: You’re on a date with a Nigerian/African/Black Celebrity. Who is it? What’s the date like?

Eucharia-Anunobi Ekwu

Something about open tooth combined with razzmatism and a killer instinct like she possess . It would be a casual knowing me knowing you kind of date. I'd just like to talk about the most important things in life with her from faith to fears because I'm all about bringing the best out of people ( her acting needs to be polished ).We would go to the Finger Licking bukateria with the long benches. Going to eat Naija style, best believe I’ll be decked up as casually as possible so Khaki/Chinos pants and a Polo Shirt and a pair of loafers.

-Emmanuel, Houston.

Nkem Owoh (Osuofia in London, Calculator... etc)

I like funny people and I think he is by far the most hilarious Nigerian Actor. Every movie he's in has me doubled over laughing. We would probably go out to eat or something of that sort. That way we would be able to talk, something tells me he will have me laughing all evening. I wouldn't dress up too much. I barely ever do, not even to church. I'm a lightweight tomboy. So maybe jeans with a nice shirt and sneakers, if I did wear heels they'd be very low to the ground.

-O.C. Wami, Pomona, CA

2face Idibia

I admire and respect him because of all that he has accomplished. He stayed true to himself. Going on a date with him hopefully would give me an opportunity to get to know more about him. I enjoy looking at people’s expressions when they speak especially when I want to get to know them better. I would want the date to be spontaneous – which means I would like to do several things and spend as much time as possible with him – mostly outdoors. A place like Universal studios would be fun I think because we could go on different rides and roller coasters. There are some scary rides there, so it’d be fun to see if he’d be relaxed or nervous. I might have the opportunity to ‘pretend’ to be scared, and if he’s not too scared, I may have the luxury of having his arms around me. LOL…We would get something to eat after going on countless rides. This would give me an opportunity to get to know his likes and dislikes with regards to food and see how he would treat whoever serves us. At the end of the day, I would like to go to a reggae club. I love dancing to reggae music and I would love to dance with him.

I would dress comfortably. I would wear jeans (I always feel comfortable in them), flats, and a cute top while at Universal studios. When we go clubbing, I would wear a sexy dress and stilettos and killer perfume. A date is not fun if one person is having fun and the other isn’t so I won’t mind partaking in activities he enjoys.

I will coax him to sing ‘African Queen’ to me or maybe the ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, nwuyem o…’ part.

Oluchi, Lawrence, KS.

Djimon Hounsou!

There is NOTHING better than a chocolate brown man with a strong back and bright white teeth. We would have dinner on a secluded island beach. He would have on an all white linen outfit that flowed in the breeze. I would wear a loooong patchwork denim skirt and sandals, with a white halter top.

--La Kaye, Baltimore.


Reading January’s issue, his biography looked very interesting and his personality seemed like one that I would gravitate towards. I would imagine it would be a very casual date. Maybe going to a park. Relaxing and talking. Nothing intense. I have NO idea what I would wear. Jeans maybe…

-Sara, Atlanta.

2face Idibia. 

I would prefer we go for a concert so that it eases the tension and I would wear pants because I am more comfortable in them.

-Julia, Canterbury Kent.

Lauryn Hill.

My soul sis-star. The original plan for the date would be to go to a nice quiet cafe or restaurant, but first we would (this is clearly hypothetical) talk for hours on end, about the world we live in, our philosophies on life, how to make the world a better place one person at a time, religion, spirituality, the children of the future. Then we would talk about the scripts we have written and read each other's works. After hours of engrossing conversation we would realize the whole day has flown by and it's too late for restaurant outings. No problem, we can have fun cooking together and enjoy our meals; whether they be masterpieces or burnt to the core (I've been known to burn water in the past... long ago though ;) haha!) we would still have a good time. Jokes will be traded, laughs will be shared... it would just be a great time. Then her four children would run in, and that right there would be the test for whether date 2 would ever take place... ah ha! Either way, please believe I will come away with at least a peck on the lips from Ms. Hill. Yessir!
I would wear whatever came to mind that day. I'm too spontaneous to plan what I will wear for a casual date. I only plan for interviews or highly important meetings (which I have had many of... yeah right).

--Chukwuma, Nashville and Atlanta

2face Idibia. 

Dinner at a South Pacific Resort.

--Omonele, Houston.

Regina Askia.

Cheese Cake Factory.

-- Male, Midwest

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